Superhero HQ

Move | learn | live

What does every team of superheroes need? That’s right – a Superhero Headquarters!

We want to create a space that will, quite literally, change lives.

We’ve helped families raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for treatment not available on the NHS, and every single one of them had and continues to have unique needs. There are, however, needs that crop up, time and time again – and we think we can reduce the stress of fundraising at what is an especially stressful time anyway, while still giving families the help they need.

Working with the best people in their fields, we want to build a home for health in Gloucestershire – and we have ENORMOUS plans. Plans that won’t just help families today, but forever, if we do it right. Not just families in the county, but in the South West and across the country, too. Plans that scare us a little, to be honest – but in a good way.

Any money donated directly to Superhero Foundation will go towards making this possible – but don’t worry, every penny you donate to each family is still used to help that family reach their fundraising goals.


Superhero HQ will be a campus based in Gloucestershire. The founding team helping to make it a reality, made up of Superhero Foundation trustees and visionary supporters, believe that movement is medicine, education is key, and that we can all help to improve the lives of those around us, in our community and further afield. With the HQ, we can make those things happen.

It was Albert Einstein that said that “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” – and we think the HQ will help people find that balance.

The campus will have a lecture theatre, educational, rehabilitation and exercise-orientated facilities, and, to ensure financial stability for years to come, we will create a number of offices of different sizes for businesses, as well as membership options. All office occupants will be able to use the facilities, which will otherwise be exclusive to Superhero HQ members and the families we support.


Exercise is proven to help prevent illness and improve our physical well-being. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Added to that, exercise can be sociable and bring about a sense of community.

What facilities do we want the HQ to have to?

  • Gym – cardio and weight training
  • Physio and rehabilitation room
  • Astro pitch
  • Squash courts
  • A gymnasium – basketball, netball, dodge ball
  • A swimming pool
  • Outdoor lake – cold water swimming
  • Trail pathways – walking / running


  • Lecture theatre – it’s our hope to build a campus that attracts the very best speakers from the worlds of sport, medicine, fundraising, business and more, both to support families and their individual needs and to benefit the community and the world
  • Class room
  • Library
  • Technology room
  • Cafe & coffee shop
  • Accommodation – for families we work with that might have travelled to make use of our facilities
  • Offices


In our three years as a charity, we’ve worked tirelessly to help improve the lives of the families we’ve been fortunate enough to meet. Many look for ways to give back, supporting new families, sharing their experiences and helping to make the stressful act of fundraising easier.

We see Superhero HQ as a way to improve the lives of the families we support, as well as the people that use the facilities.

A community with a common purpose; to help future generations of Superheroes live long and happy lives.

If you’d like to like donate, please do here. Or, if you’d like to partner with us and be involved in one of the most exciting projects on the planet, do get in touch here.