SDR Mentorship and Fundraising Support

2020 is a huge and defining year for us as a charity.

=== We want to support more families than ever before! ===

To make this happen, we’ve set about bringing Superhero Mentors into the day-to-day running of Superhero Foundation. These Mentors are people who’ve gone through fundraising journeys themselves.

Essentially when we say ‘mentors’, we mean people that have been there, done it, and got the t-shirt.

We have our second Superhero Mentor in place, Ben Walton – and we are looking to help families whose lives could be changed by using our crowdfunding platform and SDR treatment.

SDR, or Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery, is a procedure that treats muscle spasticity and it’s had incredible results for the families with Cerebral Palsy we’ve helped so far. 

For Ben and his family, they went on the SDR journey because of their daughter Amelia-Rose, who suffers with HSP. 

Ben has been on a long and winding road and has had to understand both the cerebral palsy condition as well as HSP, because for years it was difficult to diagnose Amelia with the correct medical condition.

Here’s a video that includes the founder of the charity, Jamie McDonald, Ben, his wife Tanya and their daughter Amelia-Rose, explaining why they’re here to help other families (spoiler alert: they love a bit of silliness too!)

Click play on this video:

(Hopefully you’ll see that they’re here to help assist people’s SDR and fundraising journey.)

=== We have the capacity to support at least 10 families from January 2020 ===

If the treatment could change the lives of you or somebody you know, and you (or they) need to raise £50,000 or more, we can help and would love you to get in touch! 

Email our office manager Victoria on: or call/message her on: +44 7880 793888   – and let’s start the ball rolling.

=== How We Work ===

We help families in need to raise funds for treatments, therapies and equipment that aren’t freely available to them through their traditional or local healthcare support system.

We operate in a similar way to crowdfunding platforms you might know, but as a registered charity we are better equipped to take any financial support from friends, family and the local community – and benefit from associated Gift Aid, too. That’s 25% added to your donation total.

Fees from each campaign:

7.5% for kids 17 years and below AND 10% for adults 18 years and above.

What makes us unique is when we take a family under our big red cape, we support them in every aspect of their fundraising campaign. We’ll help you hit target much faster and with less stress. Our goal is to get you enjoying your journey which we assure you is possible.

=== How We Help ===

– We work with the families we support to develop and refine their personal story, so that it has the greatest possible impact

  • We work with the families we support to develop and refine their personal story, so that it has the greatest possible impact
  • We help with the logistics of setting up a fundraising page
  • We offer advice on all aspects of fundraising strategy (over tea, cake, or FaceTime if you’re far away!)
  • We share our social media pearls of wisdom – love it or hate it, social media is king when it comes to sharing your story as widely as possible
  • Work with you to design and complete a physical challenge that will inspire both you and those who donate
  • We offer award-winning PR support (or as much PR support is necessary) to secure media coverage

Find out more about how we work and read some real-life examples of families we’ve worked with.

If you’d like to know more about our new Superhero Mentor Ben, his family, and Amelia-Rose, you can watch them here on ITV news (via Facebook). And you can also check out their Facebook page to see their fundraising journey from the start of their journey, all the way up to Amelia-Rose having the SDR operation, and on going physio therapy here:

=== So, get sharing with your friends, family and colleagues, email Victoria on: or call her at: +44 7880 793888 – we can’t wait to meet the families we will be helping! ===