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Total Raised£55,424

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Total Raised$69,798.46

Total Raised Offline$19,227

Registered charity: Superhero Foundation is a registered U.K 1159572 charity and a registered 501(c)(3) U.S charity.

For people living in the U.S: (DONATE HERE), with your donation, we’ll put 50% to your local children’s hospital whichever State you live, helping children and families without insurance – and with the other 50%, we’ll put the money to building a unique registered charity crowdfunding platform to support help sick kids in America.

If you’re from the U.K, or Canada, then please use the form on this page to donate, we’ll be putting a 100% to supporting sick kids in your country, with a mission that there should be no stone unturned when it comes to a sick child.

Jamie McDonald’s story: if you’re completely new to Jamie McDonald aka ‘Adventureman’s’ 6,000 mile run story, then (PLEASE VISIT HERE) and please note, Jamie volunteers his time (and always will) with the charity, and continues to use his own money to do the adventures.

Thank you again for donating, it really will make a big difference.

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Donor's Messages

Anonymous, CAN, donated £40.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Jake Deacon, CAN, donated £50.00

Nearly there Jamie fantastic fella

Mr Lee Clift, UK, donated £25.00
Mrs Emma Lynass, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Hannah Macdonald, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £75.00

Wow! What an incredible achievement and so close to the end now - you’ve got this in the bag! A real life superhero 🦸‍♂️

Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Dear Jamie We just spent an inspiring evening with Anna. We saw her incredible superpants. We have just watched the videos on your website. We reckon you guys rock! Thank you for what you do. Love Sam and Freddie (12 & 9)

Anonymous, UK, donated £40.00

You legend mate: been following you for months now and remember when you were doubting yourself... never again doubt yourself, great attitude mate, total inspiration x

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Jamie you are just incredible! Hero.

Mrs Lynne Cox, UK, donated £25.00

You make this look so easy Jamie, you really are a true superhero!

Miss Jazmin Baker, UK, donated £20.00

Incredible Jamie. Can't wait to buy you a beer back in the UK. Well done xx

Miss Paula Reid, UK, donated £50.00

Outstanding achievement that must have taken immeasurable effort. Great cause.

Mr Tom Newbould, UK, donated £10.00

You’re doing a great job jamie a real inspiration! Not far to go now, keep going! Wishing you all the best.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Rufus Exton, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie ! #keepmovingforward

Mr Ashley Comer, UK, donated £5.00

Wow, only about 6 marathons to go! Thanks for being a big inspiration for my own fundraising adventures! Sorry we didn't connect when you were in Calgary way back last year. Have a blast with your Dad on these last few days of your incredible run! Then smash that Guinness World Record!! Best wishes Graham, Lorisa, Ryan and Brennan Tait

Mr Graham Tait, CAN, donated £100.00
Miss Sarah Munson, UK, donated £5.00

Congratulations on your marathons your an amazing man thank you soo much for you hard work 🙏☺️

Mr Charlie Pearton, UK, donated £5.00
Mr matthew leader, UK, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Nice work on your step count mate! crushing it! lol I am blown away by your commitment and dedication. You have become Adventure man like a caterpillar to a butterfly and created a torrent of awareness and support and exposure to your charity and cause. Pushing people to not just donate but inspire them to be better. Running ahead and setting the camera to enhance the experience for us sat comfy at home is really impressive and again talks to your dedication. when days are tough sharing and when times are good sharing, both helping round your pitch. Great work mate!

Mr Edward Guest, CAN, donated £450.00

Unbelievable dedication and sacrifice to raise money for a great cause!

Mr liam jones, UK, donated £20.00

Followed you from about half way, you’re incredible! Thank you so much and good luck!

Mr Tom Churchill, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Incredible work man. Well done. X

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie , been following since day one what an awesome man you are

Mr Martin Green, UK, donated £100.00

Such an incredible feat and mind blowing achievement! It’s been amazing to watch your videos on Instagram and follow your adventures through the pain and the joys. Incredible kindness from others too. This is the news we need right now.

Mrs Katriona Birtill, UK, donated £20.00

You’re amazing!!! Stop having doubts x

Miss Fiona McLean, UK, donated £20.00

You're an inspiration. An Incredible feat and an amazing cause. Keep running!

Mr Peter Booker, UK, donated £80.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You can smash this Jamie! You’re an inspiration to everyone putting your body through this for such an amazing cause. You will make it to Gloucester, there will be people there to see you finish and you will raise that total that you set! Stay positive and keep on being the hero that you are Nicky Mayer x

Mrs Nicky Mayer, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing challenge, and amazing effort, keep it up 👍you’re on the home straight

Mr Keith Spicer, UK, donated £10.00
Mrs Darcie Cousins, UK, donated £25.00

Hi Jamie, just donated. Thanks for the message from Tara. The end is near. Congratulations, not far to go now. Keep running 🏃‍♀️ and we will keep watching. From Claire and the Price family.

Mrs Claire Price, CAN, donated £20.00

You are an inspiration. Well done Jamie xx

Mrs Donna Smith, UK, donated £10.00

You’re doing amazing work mate! Good on you!

Mr Michael Cavanagh, UK, donated £5.00

Wow. Totally inspired, great job. We need more humans like you in this world.

Mr Anthony Robinson, UK, donated £20.00

Go Jamie go! You are amazing!!!

Ms Vivian Schröder, UK, donated £50.00

You are UNBELIEVABLE! What a huge endeavour and what an achievement!

Miss Roma Coates, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Danielle Kilsby-Ogden, UK, donated £50.00

What an inspiration, incredible work and achievement, all for a fantastic cause! Well Done and good luck on the World Record!!! Sam

Mr Sam Kershaw, UK, donated £10.00

Huge commitment shown Jamie! Well done! Keep on going!

Mr Simon Jones, UK, donated £20.00

What an inspiration, loving the videos. Keep going mate, we’re all backing you x

Mr Rhodri Parfitt, UK, donated £15.00

Doing an amazing job! A truly amazing person! I watch your Instagram stories and posts everyday and you inspire me! A true modern day hero :)

Mr Stephen Tully, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie, what you are doing is bloody amazing. The word is thrown around so much but you really are an inspiration. Keep running! You're so so close. Big love from me and Charlie. Pip x

Miss Pip Stewart, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Mr Noah Vanderzon, CAN, donated £150.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

The nicest guy and a great cause! Brilliant effort

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Such a massive inspiration to all. True example of perseverance and resilience. Well done Jamie!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie! I met you at a book signing in Victoria BC and have been so inspired following your run! Fantastic job battling through all the elements and unexpected happenings on the way. Thanks for reminding everyone that there are open doors, open hearts and amazing people in every corner of the world! Happy running!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You are an inspiration!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Can’t believe how far you’ve run so far! What a hero. Keep going you’re nearly there!!!

Dr Fern Adams, UK, donated £5.00

Well done Jamie - here's a donation with more to follow. I can't put into words how incredible you are! Looking forward to catching up for a COFFEE! when you get back. Phillipa

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Absolutely marvellous effort! Keep it up!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

You are a real super hero and you can achieve anything

Mr David Woods, UK, donated £10.00

Hugely inspired. Anna’s books of her adventures led me to your amazing journey!

Mrs Clare Marchant, UK, donated £100.00

Keep running Jamie! from all of us at Mars leeds here’s the money from our bake sale in your honour!

Anonymous, UK, donated £93.20
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

How could I not sponsor such an outstanding achievement for such an amazing cause. An inspiration!

Miss Isabelle Wiltshire, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going mate. It's so amazing what you've achieved.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Awesome effort. Almost there now!

Mr Barny Mills, UK, donated £100.00

Seattle Children's Hospital

Mr Terry Smith, UK, donated £100.00

Each time I see your updates on instagram, it warms my heart!! Your drive to make the world a better place for sick kids is insurmountable. I'm from California but now live in England and the kindness of my fellow countrypeople on your journey fills me with joy. Thanks for showing a side of America not shown in mainstream media, and of course for helping all the kids and their families!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

You are awesome! I'll share your posts until the end Adventureman. PS. loved your book xx

Miss Claire Byrne, UK, donated £10.00

Dude, you're frikin off the charts awesome. Love what you do and how you keep it so reel. Love your work and the difference you make <3 Kevin

Mr Kevin Self, UK, donated £50.00

You are a Legend!!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

You are an inspiration!!

Mr Edward Player, UK, donated £50.00
Jamie Davies, UK, donated £10.00

Holy almost there Adventureman! Enjoy the last 12 marathons Jamie, you superhero.

Mr Andy Smith, UK, donated £50.00

Come on Jamie!! You’re so very nearly there - what an incredible effort and achievement! You are an inspiration. Keep kicking, see you back at Tweenhills very soon! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Been following your progress. Unbelievable guts and determination. Can’t believe you are almost there. Good luck!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £30.00

Love the videos and love your dedication! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

4 years ago you came along to Newent parkrun to join our 2nd birthday celebrations. Today is our 6th birthday and again we will be running in super hero capes and fancy dress. You are amazing and so inspiring, keep going Jamie x

Ms Adele Mitchell, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Abigail Tempest, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You’re bloody amazing man, keep it up!

Mr Sam Weston, UK, donated £15.00

A true inspiration! What a guy! Hope to see you adventuremanning through Yorkshire one day soon!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You are inspirational - I am following your progress every day. This is amazing - well done!

Mr Rupert Clifford-Brown, UK, donated £210.00

Keep up the incredible work!

Miss Talisker Alcobia Cornford, UK, donated £15.00

Keep going. You are truly amazing

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Well done Jamie what an awesome challenge for a great cause 😁👍

Mrs Wendy Whitehead, UK, donated £10.00

Bonkers and an inspiration. Don’t know you Jamie, but as a Brit I’m proud of you.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Always an inspiration Jamie, life changing stuff this for so many. Well done doesn’t seem to be enough, but we’ll done anyway mate!

Mr Nick Webster, UK, donated £100.00

Jamie - you’re so inspiring and I’m loving watching your stories. Keep going!! How do you follow that achievement ......??

Ms Michala Drake, UK, donated £30.00

You are an inspiration! Well done Jamie.

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

What an inspiration Jamie is, the commitment and dedication of this man is nothing short of awesome.

Mr Stuart Coleman, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing! It’s wonderful to see someone putting something back into the world - it gives me faith and makes my heart happy. Keep it up only a few more marathons to go! You’re making the world a better place

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

You are AMAZING, you make a ripple effect in this world and pass kindness and selflessness on to so many others!

Miss Rachel Chapman, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing to be able to follow your incredible story. What an inspiration! Wishing you all the best for the final part of your journey. Helena and Dan from Edemo

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie you really are an incredible human, an inspiration. I’ve absolutley loved following this journey in total admiration. Hugest huge congratulations. Chloe x

Miss Chloe Green, UK, donated £40.00

I don’t use this phrase lightly... but you are AMAZING! Thank for doing what you’re doing! Nearly there... keep going x

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Not long to go now! You are an inspiration!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie - you are an inspiration mate. Only you know how long and hard this journey has been, but your continued enthusiasm and desire to put your body on the line is truly special. Keep doing the amazing work you are doing to help make the world a better and healthier place for kids. Best Wishes Ed

Mr Edward Moore, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

There’s a sainthood in the post for you I’m sure!

Mr James Millerin, UK, donated £10.00

Unbelievable challenge, keep on keepin on 💪

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Keep going Jamie, doing amazing job. Lots of love and good wishes from your home town xx

Mrs Kay Searle, UK, donated £20.00

Fantastic job. It is people like you who make a difference and will be remembered for decades to come. Keep it up!

Mr Nick Wibberley, UK, donated £15.00

Jamie you are a real hero, I have no idea how you are doing it! Love your videos too @sueaspinall

Anonymous, UK, donated £26.20

Keep it up mate! You're awesome.

Mr Mark Fallon, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Julia Bailey, CAN, donated £20.00

Adventureman, You are a very incredible person and you.must be the most selfless and generous person I've ever come across. All I wish is that more people knew it, more people donated and more people saw the power in being able to do good. I really cannot believe what you've achieved, how much you have sacrificed for such amazing causes. You definately make me want to be a better person. Well done Jamie, your smile is so infectious and even when you seem to struggle there is still a smile regardless. Good luck!!!!!

Mrs Natasha Hawker, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Andrew Green, UK, donated £5.00

You are awesome and an example to us all. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

You are an inspiration. Thank you!

Anonymous, USA, donated £25.00

Superhero effort for a fantastic cause. Keep it up

Mr Ben Steeves, UK, donated £20.00

Brockworth calling again. Keep on going Jamie, and when you see Mary(land) tell her Steve says hi!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00

You are truly inspiring, above super human! From kevin from Southampton UK 🇬🇧

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Thank you so much for doing this amazing journey. I’ve followed your posts across the US and I always knew I’d donate when you get to Baltimore (where I lived for a year when I was 18). It’s been an incredible trip to follow.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Chris McCrindle, UK, donated £20.00
Mr James Simpson-Daniel, UK, donated £100.00

Following you on Instagram and you are an absolute hero and inspiration. Keep going! And well done for everything you have achieved so far. Now go on and bring it home!!!l xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £40.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

You are awesome. Truly an inspiration.

Mrs bernadette Niemand, UK, donated £20.00

Inspirational !

Mr Paul Keegan, UK, donated £250.00

Good luck for the final push. You’ve got this. You are such an inspiration and should’ve proud of what you’ve done. Hope to see you in your return to Gloucester. Best wishes Alison

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Absolutely inspirational.

Mr Rufus Grantham, UK, donated £100.00

Well done Jamie! Such a fantastic cause. Truly amazing person you are x

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

You are a great person running for a great cause. - More people need to know about this. - Yildirim

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Mr Paul Dhaliwal, UK, donated £50.00

Keep going, Jamie! You are a total legend! Read your book last year, truly inspiring stuff.

Mr Christopher Page, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

So proud of you Jamie!!! You continue to amaze us with your relentless determination to put one foot in front of the other on your epic journeys. We can't wait to meet up with you again and share Raclette. xo The Matthews'

Anonymous, CAN, donated £100.00

I don't know how you do it, but there are a lot of children and families out there who are very very glad that you do. The end is in sight... you can do it!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Keep it up my man

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Top effort Jamie, for a brilliant cause - keep it going.

Mr Steve Hughes, UK, donated £50.00

Genuinely superhuman effort and seem like the nicest guy. Sorry i can’t donate more at this time but i will definitely be back when i can.

Mr Matt Little, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing stuff!!!

Miss Susannah Gill, UK, donated £50.00
Mr Mark Souster, UK, donated £25.00

Well done Jamie. A truly heroic effort for a great cause.

Mr Enwezor Nzegwu, UK, donated £15.00
Mr Philip Macpherson, UK, donated £20.00

Don't know you buddy, but I'm sure this has been a pretty gruelling challenge. (Picked up on LinkedIn)

Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00

Wow you are incredible, so amazed by your resolve.

Anonymous, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Nick Stevens, UK, donated £200.00

Well done Jamie - I follow your marathon story via LinkedIn and it is amazing what you are doing!! Keep going!

Miss Laura Nason, UK, donated £10.00

Following your epic journey from lovely Gloucester, UK! Awesome effort - many congratulations!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Mate, you are an absolute legend. An inspiration to all. Keep going, you’re almost there. The world is rooting for you.

Mr Adam Keefe, UK, donated £30.00

Truly inspirational Jamie, you really are superhuman ! Congratulations on your success Adventureman! Gloucestershire and The World Loves you for your kindness and commitment to an amazing cause!

Mr Martyn King, UK, donated £20.00

You Sir are a Hero 🙌🏼 Improving the world one step at a time. We could all be more like you. Lots of love from Gloucestershire

Mr George Firth, UK, donated £20.00

Keep going brother. Great to see a glos lad smashing it out for the farmers 👊🏻

Mr Will Everett, UK, donated £20.00
Miss Catherine Dowell, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Mr Marc Stamp, UK, donated £5.00

What you are doing is just short of amazing and I have been following you on Instagram. You are such a committed and selfless person, hats off to you and keep going, 20 more to go.

Mrs Ann Walker, UK, donated £20.00

From one Glos boy to another-you are a bloody hero. Not all superheros wear capes-they run across America for charity

Mr Timothy Griffiths, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £3.00

Keep going you superstar! You're an inspiration.

Mr Russell Marchant, UK, donated £100.00

What a legend. Amazing what you’ve done and continue to do. Next Mayor of Gloucester!! Keep going mate.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £4.00

I've been following Jamie since the start of his latest fund raiser across the states. Amazing work! If I see you out in Gloucester I'll buy you a pint. Best Wishes. Dan

Mr Dan Robertson, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Eoin McQuone, UK, donated £30.00

Wow!! Not only are you absolutely crazy but you're clearly the nicest man in the world. Keep running like the wind. Go! Go! Go! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Miss Joanne Waddington, UK, donated £20.00

Incredible work Jamie and love how brave you are in sharing every minute of this trip and yourself on this journey. Must be so tough. Keep on running!

Ms Nina Gold, UK, donated £25.00

Unbelievably impressed with your determination!! I go for a 20 minute run and I'm shattered, hah! Thanks for all that you do :)

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

You are a real life superhero Jamie - proud to know you. Take care mate!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie - you are truly an inspiration to us all. I followed you across Canada before and now seeing you do this - incredible!! Now when I think I can’t do something, well, I think of you and you plugging away in all weathers! All the very best to you on your continued journey. ❤️

Anonymous, CAN, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie, unreal effort! Sending love from Somerset, you deserve a pint.

Mr Alfie Threlfall, UK, donated £5.00

Keep going Jamie, you’re doing fantastic... Love seeing the videos of your super adventure!

Mrs Kate Treviss, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Keep it up boss! You’re an inspiration to all my loverrrrr! Sending some Gloucester love from an Upton St Leonard lad! Going to tell all my mate about what you’re doing (not because you’re from the shire obviously). Don’t have much to give cos I’m self employed and off work after knee surgery but it’s something 👊

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Your efforts are inspirational! Keep up the amazing job.

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie! You're smashing it, doing amazingly. Keep up the hard work and the videos! You and Anna are both crazy awesome!

Mr David Zaple, UK, donated £20.00

Keep Going =D

Mr Ian Possee, UK, donated £10.00

God Bless you sir.

Mr Muhammad Ali, UK, donated £100.00
Miss Emma Provins, UK, donated £10.00

I saw your 3 marathon run, awesome challenge. You, Tracy and Phil are shiny stars! ⭐⭐⭐😇

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

You are truly inspirational. I’m just training for my first marathon and watching your updates is helping me stay motivated when the going get tough.

Mrs Tammy Gallagher, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

In awe of what you’re doing to raise money for sick children. A mammoth challenge. Keep going, you’re nearly there. Simply amazing.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Outstanding effort! Keep at it, not long now!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

You are truly inspiring Jamie.

Dr Winston Sanders, UK, donated £100.00

Thank you for doing an amazing thing for an amazing cause, keep going, you got this!

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Keep it up, amazing effort!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK

Three marathons in one day. Insane.

Mr Richard Boxhall, CAN, donated £100.00
Miss Fra Levi, UK, donated £2.00

I am running the London marathon this year and I thought that was big. What you’re achieving is incredible. Well done so far and good luck with the rest of it!!!

Mrs Lauren Taylor, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Harry Hutchinson, UK, donated £20.00
Mr David Southgate, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Wow! You are doing the miles- well done you- it’s a bit easier for me to do the donating- but by golly you and the sick kids deserve it! Keep going, almost there! Robyn (following on Instagram from Oman)

Miss Robyn Purdie, UK, donated £50.00

Such a legend. Knowing there are people like you in the world makes me so happy. Good luck and stay safe!

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00
Mrs Holly Barnett, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

You truly are amazing Jamie. Words can not express hope in awe of you.

Mr Stace Martin, UK, donated £20.00

An incredible and inspirational journey. I have been very humbled following your trip around the states. A great example to us all.

Mr Paul Knight, UK, donated £100.00

Sorry it's been a while. Not long now! Well done! x

Mrs Liz Smith, UK, donated £5.00
Miss Katie Elliott, UK, donated £10.00

Adventure man your a hero! Keep going! 🦸‍♂️

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Wow, Jamie, you’re an amazing inspiration 🙌Good luck with everything 😊

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You’re an inspiration Jamie! Well done!

Mr Craig Taylor, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie. You are amazing and an inspiration.

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00
Mr Paul Bland, UK, donated £100.00

Absolutely blown away by your commitment. Wow! You are truly an inspiration!

Mr David Tomkins, UK, donated £10.00

Totally inspirational journey. You can do it!

Benjamin Pothan, UK, donated £40.00
Mr Matt Knight, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing effort, keep pushing on!

Miss Samantha Mooney, UK, donated £5.00

Been with you (albeit virtually) over the last few months and mega impressed by your sheer grit and determination. You're an inspiration and look forward to hearing your complete tails once you've completed it. Keep running Keep filming Keep eating Keep on keeping on brutha! ALMOST THERE!

Mr Alex Ramzy, UK, donated £20.00

You are amazing my friend! Words could not describe or do justice what should be said about you, you can do this! 💪🏼

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Incredible effort Jamie - a fellow Gloucester boy. Great to see your progress - an absolute inspiration!

Mr Duncan Hayes, UK, donated £10.00

I have been following your progress, you sir are awesome! I’ve loved running for a while now even managed a few marathons so this inspires me so much. You are a legend! Keep running keep spreading the word! I can’t wait to see your final miles ❤️

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Good luck on your final leg. We'll be watching on Instagram for you crossing the finish line. @tox1s xxx

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Keep up the good work buddy. Exceptional effort. 👍🏻

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

God bless you and your immense heart and courage Jamie xx

Mrs Deborah Parry, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie McDonald! I have been in absolute awe watching your progress on the twitterverse back home. A blooming amazing achievement and inspirational fundraising for such a worthy and special cause. Well done you, keep going!

Miss Emma Mullen, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Go Jamie! You always pop up on my Instagram. It’s literally super human what you’re doing

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Excellent work dude, keep it up!

Mr Joel James, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Toby Phillips, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie - you have triggered a wave of generosity and giving that is so beautiful to see. Congratulations on your achievement so far, we are all behind you spurring those legs on!

Miss Jessica Poole, UK, donated £30.00

Amazing initiative and very inspiring! Best of luck, Jamie!!

Miss Carola B, UK, donated £30.00

Keep going Jamie! Been following you for a while now. You are making a huge difference.

Anonymous, UK, donated £26.00

All the very best of luck, keep going! Inspirational

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Mrs Sarah Cromarty, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie, you are incredible mate!! Love watching the videos of your journey - what a great cause too. Keep going, you’re almost almost there buddy!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

You are amazing, Jamie! You melt my heart with every story you regail. We're all so proud of you. Keep it up. Not long to go now!

Miss Alice Williams, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

What an amazing cause and inspirational journey. All the best on your remaining miles!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Aaron Vick, UK, donated £10.00

Yes Jamie you legend! Loving the videos of your incredible journey! Keep going dude!

Mr Pete Abell, UK, donated £20.00

What a remarkable person! Go Adventureman!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Thanks for being so selfless buddy 🙋🏼‍♂️

Anonymous, UK, donated £200.00

Soooo close! And making Gloucester very proud. Keep on running. Xx

Mrs Tina Carless, UK, donated £10.00

Fantastic job mate, truly remarkable keep it going

Mr Tom Dart, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie you’re an inspiration brother

Mr Alexander Williams, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, You are a legend and an inspiration to us all. Keep kicking you are so close! Thoughts with you heading towards the finish. Harry

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Keep it up you're doing a cracking job. What a bloody long way youve come and not far to go now. So inspiring it's brilliant!

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Jamie, I was really touched by your actions when i saw a post on my feed. I haven’t got such great words to treat you with but you are a big big biiiiig inspiration to alot of people i believe and what you are doing is so beautiful, and seeing the experiences you have along the way makes me so happy. One thing also, dont be scared, your actions now will take care of you later so dont fear, because you sure are putting in work now. It will come back to you, life will reward you in beautiful ways, so continue with great deeds and continue to inspire :) I believe your journey just began so slow and steady like you do it now with running and you will reach beautiful places. Thank you for doing this, im sure many kids are thankful that you put yourself out there for them and for yourself ! Sending love, wish i could hug you!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Heroic! I think what you are doing is amazing and for the best cause. A real life Forest Gump!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

From all at Seymour John based in Gloucestershire. We're following your journey and wish you well. What a journey you're on - an inspiration. Keep going....

Mr Mark Seymour, UK, donated £50.00

I came across your page on Instagram today and I’m in awe of your challenge! Well done, you are smashing it!

Ms Niki Davies, UK, donated £10.00

Keep running! You’re doing amazingly well!!

Miss Stacie Pellatt, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Jordan Alleyne, UK, donated £10.00

I have been following your updates through the US - what a fantastic adventure. You deserve to hit your target. This will help a little

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Proper legend!!

Mr Jack Stanton, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Hazel Mezo, UK, donated £10.00

Completely awesome buddy... keep on going!

Mr Simon Rumbles, UK, donated £20.00

Good luck. Hope you make it. Total real life superhero! Inspiring.

Mr Raouf Morcos, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, I love following your progress and am in awe. Keep safe from the storms x

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Louise Saunders, UK, donated £20.00

This is increadable!!! keep up the good work love your enthusiasm. I will think of you when I’m doing my races this year! Just brillient!!! Hope you are enjoying the experience too!!!

Mr Sam Dowie, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

I'm the bloke who you inspired to book in his first ultra last week. Keep up the great work man.

Mr James Spratt, UK, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Great cause! Great guy! Keep on running!

Mr Phil Hall, UK, donated £10.00

What you’re doing is absolutely amazing!! I really hope you reach your target!!

Miss Molly Aspden, UK, donated £7.00

Fantastic to follow your adventure! What you’re doing is amazing, good luck!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Brockworth calling again. Keep on up the road Jamie, fantastic job!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

An amazing challenge with an even greater cause! Best of luck to raise as much as possible!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie, keep going - from another Gloucester boy.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, you are an absolute inspiration!!! What an epic impact you've had and will continue to have on kids and adults around the world! So much so, that I'm currently organising my own solo charity adventure down the length of Vietnam to raise funds to get kids back into school. Thank you!!! Naomi

Miss Naomi Skinner, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00
Mr oliver hale, UK, donated £4.00

Almost there Jamie. Keep going, it’s going to be a legendary achievement!!

Steve Gibson, UK, donated £50.00

What a totally inspirational awesome superhero you really are. Onwards to the end.

Mrs Jane Waterman, UK, donated £20.00

Almost there! Truly inspirational.

Mr Joe Calleja-Gera, UK, donated £100.00
Mr Joshua Prindiville, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie you really are a inspiration. I don't always get to see your posts but when I do they usually make me smile. Your doing so well and for such a Great cause. Keep going Adventure Man keep Going! 🏃💨💨😁👍

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing! Truely inspirational, well done!

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Incredible achievement, best of luck with all the fundraising 👏🏻👏🏻

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Paul Grist, UK, donated £30.00

Way to go Jamie. A credit to UK and Gloucester.

Mr Ian Roberts, UK, donated £25.00

Keep up the great work Jamie. My girlfriend, Sarah, and I were very touched with your amazing account of helping ill children. 3 years ago we lost our son, Zack, at 37 weeks, a week before birth with a true knot in the umbylical cord. He was my first at 44 years old and my girlfriend's second at 42. We did not give up and picked ourselves up and self funded 2 rounds of IVF and amazingly against the odds at our age, Sarah gave birth to the lovely Poppy Wood, 17 months ago (our "Rainbow Baby" as they call them). A few generous charities helped us with Zack whilst at hospital and saying goodbye to him in the ward. What you are doing is so important and I hope that our donation to you helps take you a step closer to your target. With love Dave and Sarah in Bristol

Mr David Wood, UK, donated £30.00

Have been following your progress in awe since we bumped into you in Austin before the F1 - you are doing amazingly well and are a true hero! Keep running and keep smiling. Sorcha & Alistair

Ms Sorcha Anderson, UK, donated £30.00

Well done Jamie - amazing effort, keep it up

Mr Stuart Puddy, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie! You're an absolute Legend. Love from Gloucester.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Such an amazing thing you are doing, what an adventure

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You are a true inspiration... All the best for the rest of your marathons... Look forward to watching you cross your finishing line.. Ang &Randy

Mrs Angie Rorvik, CAN, donated £200.00

Saw your videos on LinkedIn. Unbelievable what you're doing. Keep on going pal!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Wow. I’m running the London marathon this year to raise money for Scope but you take this to a whole new level.

Mr Ross McMillan, UK, donated £10.00

Not only is it fantastic that you're helping children in hospitals. You've helped me find motivation and self belief again. I'm 4 months in to recovering from an Achilles tendon tear which has put my work, hobbies and passion on hold and I've struggled mentally more than physically. But you've given me realisation that it's only our own heads that stop us from doing something. Thank you for doing what you're doing. And when I'm up and running in the near future, my fingers will be crossed that I bump into you and Anna somewhere at some point doing something! The donation isn't much but it will put you a little closer to your target.

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

just good luck

Mr thomas lowery, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Yeah Jamie! from your #1 fan in Calgary (the cost of two Canadian McD's meals) in honour of romance. L

Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00

Amazing work Jamie!! Still think you're bonkers but in a good way....a perfect match for Miss McNuff :) Keep warm and keep running

Miss Natasha Furness, donated £250.00

You are just an example to us all, Jamie. I'm writing another Assembly about you and left a donation to thanks for the inspiration. Hope to see you back in Glaws soon!

Mr David Morton, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Gavin Fields, donated £25.00

Amazing work Jamie, and for such a special cause. All of our best wishes to the finish!

Mr Scott Williams, UK, donated £25.00

Dear Jamie, Each year, instead of giving Christmas presents, my family choose a charity and donate the money we would have spent on presents to it. This year I chose your charity after following your amazing feat on instagram and also teaching the most incredible child last year who GOSH supports. Keep up your phenomenal work!!! Best wishes, Helen

Mrs Helen Lane, UK, donated £40.00

I’m a runner but not like you!! Awesome effort.

Mr Steven Mcdonald, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK
Anonymous, CAN, donated £25.00

Not long left now Jamie. Keep going!

Mr Aaron Watts, UK, donated £41.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing effort. Good luck man!

Mr Barry Duffy, UK, donated £5.00

Did my 6000 steps. Well done Jamie for all your amazing work.

Mrs Sally Morgan, UK, donated £15.00

My 6000 step Challenge and Donation is DONE. Jamie you are a SUPERHERO and an inspiration to more than you can think of!! Go Jamie Go!! 🏃🏃🇨🇦

Rick Fall, CAN, donated £60.00

You are an inspiration to us all! Ride safe!

Ms Beverly Bruce, CAN, donated £12.00

6000 step challenge completed. I love this great way to get people involved in your solo adventure. I hope you are able to reach your financial goal and help many sick children in the US and throughout the world. Thank you for doing this Adventureman. And good luck with the rest of your solo run. You are getting closer to the finish line every day.

Ms Peggy Pike, CAN, donated £6.00

6000 step challenge completed with love from the Newfie Solo Duo! Yuuuuuup!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £12.00

I hope this 6000 step challenge 'snowballs' and raises many, many more $6/£6 donations!

Shawn Breen, CAN, donated £6.00

Keep going Jamie!! I think you are amazing x

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Have just done our 6000 steps. All the best with the rest of your run x

Mrs Liz Smith, UK, donated £6.00

FINALLY managed over 6,000 steps in ONE WALK, miss our walks with you, keep on running Jamie "YOU ARE THE DADDY" Chris, John & Bentley (woof, woof, woof)

Mrs Christine Taylor, CAN, donated £25.00
Mrs Catherine Petracek, CAN, donated £6.00
Mrs Tracie Elleker, UK, donated £6.00

£12 £6 for me & £6 for George

Mrs Karen Pitcher, UK, donated £12.00

My 6000 step challenge

Mrs Sandra Jimson, UK, donated £6.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Happy New Year! Jamie your fund raising adventure has been amazing to follow. A roller coaster of emotions, entertaining and super human. You have taken on the world but I can't think of anyone else who could do a better job. You've got this! Lydia and Chris

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Hi Jamie. this was the note from Ruben in his Christmas Card to me............ To Jamie We all believe you can finish your run and I want to donate money so you can save thousands of kids in need. From Ruben Lund.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £10.00

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!! A far more worthy use of a few quid than sending Christmas cards - keep on moving Jamie, you’re an inspiration to so many!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Merry Christmas Jamie. What you're doing in amazing and totally inspiring. Wishing you a fun filled, fullfilling and happy adventure!

Miss Leila Smith, UK, donated £50.00

Merry Christmas Jamie, hope you manage to find a lovely family to fill you with Xmas treats xxx

Anonymous, UK, donated £40.00

Merry Christmas Jamie! Looking forward to running with you in 2019, this morning I did my 6,000 steps with my dog #TobyTheJug and thought of you so far from home but undertaking such an epic adventure for the benefit of sick kids - stay strong, all the best, Graeme

Mr Graeme Hackland, UK, donated £100.00

Keep running Jamie, great cause and a great adventure. Merry Christmas! BTW I am assuming United will beat Huddersfield so have added the winnings to the £6! See video for details.

Mr Jordan Wintle, UK, donated £8.00

6000 steps done by each of the Lund family. Love supporting you Jamie and all the families you are helping. I know you are going to finish this because ‘you’re the Daddy’ and nothin’s gonna stop you now. 🏃‍♂️.....🏃‍♂️

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Jamie, you're awesome! You're doing so well, very pleased to have met you. One of the nicest people I've ever met. Keep going!

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

6000 done, love Darth Vader

Mr Keiran Montagu, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Tyler Vokes, CAN, donated £300.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie. What a journey in life you are experiencing. Amazeballs.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Happy Christmas from all of us at Tweenhills!!!

Mr David Redvers, UK, donated £600.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Recently read Jamie's book. Inspirational, felt I had to donate to support him and raise money for a great cause

Mr Christopher Page, UK, donated £10.00

Good luck Superhero unbelievable achievement so far keep going strong.

Mr Peter Berrystone, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Way to Go Jaimie McDonald!!! This is for my littlest grandchild who spend 4 months in hospital fighting hard to live, and the staff who helped her be the sweet spunky girl she is today.. Thank you for all you do for the kids around the world!

Ms Janet Fisher, CAN, donated £5000.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, USA, donated £400.00

Words can't describe the amazing work you're doing Jamie. Such an inspiration. Keep strong and healthy.

Ms Tess Wilkinson, UK, donated £20.00

Outstanding work. Keep going strong. So glad you were able to meet my friends the Torley family in Destin!

Mr Stephen Prescott, UK, donated £25.00

Keep going Jamie! Great watching Keiran run alongside you. Kicao x

Mr Christian Guerreiro, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing achievement!! Keep going Jamie you’re doing a fantastic job.

Mrs Kate Marsden, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie you're an inspiration to all of us - thank-you for doing what you're doing to improve the lives of children over the world! I don't know how you manage it, my knees give out walking up the stairs - never mind doing what you're doing every day (year on year!) Run, Jamie, run!

Anonymous, UK, donated £150.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Hi Jamie, We think what you are doing is amazing. Our teacher is donating the money he was going to spend on us for our Christmas presents at the end of term to your charity. We voted to give the money to you with an animal sanctuary coming in a close second. We have been trying to track your progress today but as it is early where you are, you seem to be settled in Flamingo Lane. We are very much looking forward to tracking you for the rest of your journey. Keep running, don't stop, keep smiling and have fun on your adventure. Come on Jamie; you can do it!!!! From Maple Class at Norton Fitzwarren Church School (Somerset)

Mr Stuart Benjafield, UK, donated £25.00

Hi Jamie, my class and I are following your amazing journey and we are so full of admiration for you. I teach at a school in Somerset and my class (Kestrel class) have asked if I can donate the money (that I usually would spend on their Christmas presents) to you, to help poorly children. Good luck with your journey, Maria and Kestrel class xx

Mrs Maria Benjafield, UK, donated £25.00

Good on ya Jamie. Will be willing you on. X

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Total admiration Jamie hero number 2 , big hugs <3

Mrs Sandra Jimson, UK, donated £10.00

You are an inspiration Jamie - don't forget that not only do you have the direct impact of the money raised, but also the side benefits of inspiring so many others to do the same for their communities and the causes they feel passionate about. You wont be able to quantify that, but know that it is worth so, so much.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00

Doing amazing jamie, as always! Xx

Miss Jazmin Baker, UK, donated £20.00

Well done Jamie, keep going! Best wishes from Gloucester. I’m donating this for my penfriend Jo Kindel and her husband Bob who live in Ohio instead of sending them Christmas presents this year.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

This guy is too much! Luv ya Adventureman aka Jamie McDonald!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £45.67
Mr Adrian Marsh, UK, donated £50.00

Oops think I only dreamt about donating last week because I can’t find it! So getting it done early & double this week 😜😩🤣👍🏻👊🤪, you’re doing great Jamie xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00
Mr Paul Nash, UK, donated £15.00

Looking forward to meeting you today! Amazing Journey!!! To be honest just reading all that you have done today!😊😊 Love your passion and drive to make a difference in other children’s lives! God Bless you! Shelley sisson

Mrs Shelley Sisson, USA, donated £20.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00

Well done Jamie. Keep up the amazing journey. Adam Vines (AKA Adventure Bear #13632)

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie , another state a few more pounds . You are smashing it . ;)

Mrs Sandra Jimson, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Wow, keep going fella. Inspiring stuff to the most amazing degree.

Mr Michael Sidney, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Josh Willms, UK, donated £546.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

What a brilliant man! You are appearing all over my Twitter feed. Good luck:)

Miss Chloe Haylock, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing Jamie! Just saw your story on tv. Well done you are a true superhero. Good luck for all your future marathons. Kindest wishes Mary

Mrs Mary Richards, UK, donated £10.00

Good luck. You're doing a wonderful thing. God bless

Ms Cathy Devitt, UK, donated £200.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to donate, you kindly left me a book when I did not have any money, and I said I would send the money through the post. So here it is. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for doing what you are doing. xxxxx

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £102.53
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie,...… you have more in you than you know..... keep on running ….. you are an inspiration....Good luck from all the team at Acronis.

Mr Ronan McCurtin, UK, donated £2500.00

Good luck! Manchester, Texas :)

Anonymous, USA, donated £200.00

Good job squire from

Mr Andrew Dowsett, UK, donated £100.00

You are a true superhero - or possibly mad, likely a bit of both!! Keep going!!!

Miss Rosa Chapman, UK, donated £100.00

Jamie you are amazing, and such an inspiration. Keep strong and keep going xxx

Mrs Sarah Mahon, UK, donated £20.00

Hi Jamie, I have the pleasure of knowing Anna who is a super star, what you are doing is simply amazing. You are inspirational. Keep going. Best Dom, Emily, Aramay, skyla, Pearl and agi our pug.

Anonymous, UK, donated £230.00

Well done! Keep going you're doing great.

Ms Hannah Lloyd, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep smiling! We're with you all the way - just seen you on the evening news!!😘

Mrs Diane Liddicoat, UK, donated £10.00

Cracking effort! Keep it going you have inspired me greatly. Thank you

Mr Andrew Carpenter, UK, donated £20.00

I'm back home Jamie after meeting you in Austin in the pitlane of the Williams F1 team, couldn't help but think of you setting of on your next marathon out of Austin! I look forward to meeting up again! Stay strong Jamie

Mr Graeme Hackland, UK, donated £100.00

Keep running! You are touching peoples lives 🤗

Ms Nadine Meyer, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Mitchell Williams, UK, donated £15.00

We met you near cheddar last summer so amazing to meet you our daughters were so inspired run superhero run. You gave them a copy of your book, fabulous. Best wishes James and family

Mr James Lewis, UK, donated £15.00

Dear Jamie (aka Adventureman), It was a pleasure running with you in Texas. Thanks for having us and thanks for changing so many people's live in a positive way. The world needs more people like you. We wish you the best in all that you do. We hope our paths will cross again some time. Keep running and I am sure that the donations will start pouring in soon. Either way, you are touching people and making this world a better place. Love from the king and the queen :) (Peggy and Shawn)

Ms Margaret Pike, CAN, donated £1017.25
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You’re amazing for doing this! Can’t begin to imagine how much will power you must have. Stay positive!

Miss Susannah Kenny, UK, donated £15.00

Well done Jamie, I am proud to count myself a citizen of Gloucester with you. You are an inspiration.

Mr Ian Williams, UK, donated £50.00

Keep on going! What you do is fantastic, and you are an inspiration. Lots of love!

Ms Susanne Karlsson, donated £10.00

Go Jamie go! Thanks for subtitles on your films, knowing you do it is amazing and I don't know how you have the time or energy to do it whilst also running. Hope you meet your target, inspirational

Mrs Joanne Dutton, UK, donated £10.00

On behalf of DE&S APS. Keep it up!

Mr Oli Barton, UK, donated £100.00

Keep going Jamie, everyone is so proud of you, your live streams are so inspiring. It was great to chat to you at the Glos AC party after your Canada run. Rest well after that 80 miler, looked bloody tough.

Mr Paul Barlow, UK, donated £20.00

Amazing! For a great cause. Keep going. you can do this 👊

Ms Anita Harley, UK, donated £30.00

Topping up my donation to £110.00 - congratulations on reaching 110 Marathons

Mrs Kay Hutton, UK, donated £80.00

It's that time of the month again! 😁 Well done Jamie! x

Mrs Liz Smith, UK, donated £5.00

Well done Jamie. Keep on keeping on😁😁😁

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Our friend Mark LeRoy shares your story with us. Incredible work Jamie! Stay strong man. You are inspiring so many people x

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, what you are doing is incredibly bonkers , incredibly kind and incredibly inspiring. Well done you #Superstar !

Mrs Sue Barrett, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £3.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £110.00

You're amazing Jamie. Your live feeds are so inspiring. Well done.

Mrs Sally Morgan, UK, donated £20.00

I first heard about you after reading Anna's book, then I read yours. I think what you are doing is incredible! Keep going! Xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Keep going Jamie, you’ve already done an amazing job! Thanks for being so inspiring... The 100th marathon today, woohoo!! Best of luck for the remaining ones, you’ve got it!!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £140.00

Go Jamie go! You're doing amazing! 100 woooooo

Miss Lianne Geatches, UK, donated £20.00

£100 for your 100th marathon! Keep up the great work Jamie!

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00

Saw you at intY Cloudfest today and blown away by your strength and resilience- from an old Gloucs boy - keep going - you are breaking new ground every day

Mr Dominic Beck Johnson, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You're doing so incredibly, more than I can even imagine. Keep smashing it for those kids everywhere! Thank you Adventureman.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie another state. Get a couple of good night's sleep to refresh & reflect. All will right ?

Mrs Sandra Jimson, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Tyler McIlmoyle, CAN, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Mrs Carol Hockings, UK, donated £11.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie you are an inspiration!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Run Jamie Run!!!!! Kay from Gloucester

Mrs Kay Hutton, UK, donated £30.00

What an absolute star. Well done mate. Keep going! Will double this when you finish!!

Mr David Hicks, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie-you are amazing.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00

Jamie you are an amazing person, keep going. Really love following your journey. Best wishes from Kate & Neil Brain (Gloucester)

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Keep rocking on....amazing!!!!!

Miss Claire Sharp, UK, donated £20.00

You are bloody AMAZING Jamie ?????‍♂️ Everyday you inspire so many ! Keep doing what you do best .... being yourself. A true superhero for all those kids ???? Lots of love & good luck. Dawn (Swansea - South Wales)

Miss Dawn Richards, UK, donated £20.00

Trying to leave a little around each payday. Well done! Don't over do it though! x

Mrs Liz Smith, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Keep going Jamie! You are doing what most people would never imagine let alone carry out - truly inspirational.

Mrs Aisling Dill, UK, donated £50.00

You can do it Adventureman! Just got to keep going ?whooooo!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Ms Sophie Davison, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep on running !!! Running down the highway .... ? simon , gemma and the girls wildsmith. ???

Mr Simon Wildsmith, UK, donated £50.00

Go on Jamie.. go full west c'untree!

Mr Mike French, UK, donated £30.00

Love what you're doing, Jamie. I know you're disheartened by the totals raised so far, but know that you ARE making a difference, and slowly but surely that thermometer is rising! Keep on pushing, and the rest of us will help spread the word!

Mrs Karen Pugh, CAN, donated £100.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £52.40
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

We are so proud of you, Jamie! Yuuuuuup!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00

Jamie you’re a total inspiration. Thank you for what you are doing please be safe and keep chugging with the might of a whole lot of healthy kids and smiles behind you

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Here’s the £52.40 for 2 marathons my friend. You are making the world of difference (quite literally) to improve the lives of sick children. Kudos to you for what you have set out to do for so many years now! Keep running forest! ?

Mr Richard Harris, UK, donated £52.40
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

You're a huge inspiration. Still can't believe what you've undertaken, or what you've done in the past and with such humility. Keep up the incredible work.

Mr Ashley Beevers, UK, donated £150.00

I had the pleasure of hearing you give a talk a few years ago. You are a true superhero and a very humble individual. Keep going and keep safe.

Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!! Keep up the good work, stay healthy & have fun on your #SuperUSrun!!!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £300.00

Happy birthday! What you're doing in truly amazing!

Karen Sealey, UK, donated £20.00

Happy birthday Jamie x

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

A happy birthday donation. You are doing great Jamie

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Happy birthday! I got your book for my 25th birthday a few weeks ago, i'm looking forward to reading it on my holiday soon :) I'm enjoying all the blog updates! What you do is amazing!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Happy Birthday you crazy guy!!

Mrs Janneke Holzner, UK, donated £10.00

Great work Jamie - keep going mate!!

Mr Tim Goodman, donated £105.00

Well done Jamie keep it going amazing ?

Mr Michael Smith, UK, donated £20.00

Fantastic effort! Love following your runs. Will be thinking of you during my first marathon on Sunday! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie you are an inspiration! I've read your book, seen your videos and now following you on Facebook as your running across America. Stay safe and keep running!

Mr Matthew Dale, UK, donated £40.00

Run Jamie run ! I have a son nearly as mad as you . :)

Mrs Rose Wright, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £25.00

You are doing great Jamie, but I'm a nervous wreck watching your live streams haha ???

Mrs Sandra Jimson, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie. Love your Live Streams. More, more, more!! Not sure if you did Gangnam Style, but love what you're doing.

Anonymous, UK, donated £1000.00

A huge inspiration to others Jamie, amazing every day!!

Mrs Doreen Sutherland, UK, donated £20.00

Well done Jamie, you're a true inspiration!

Mr Sam Bradbury, UK, donated £50.00

You are doing brilliantly Jamie. Well done!x

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Glad you are well on your way after meeting you at our Snails Pace meeting. Will be following you and wishing you a successful run across our country raising money for the children's hospitals.

Mrs Pat Herr, USA, donated £30.00

Really inspirational!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Ms Alison Laidlaw, CAN, donated £50.00

Go Jamie Go!

Mrs Deidre Lake, CAN, donated £25.00

Thank you Jamie for making a positive difference in this world. Keep going!

Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00
Mr William Perrin, UK, donated £10.00

You're bonkers, brave and inspirational Jamie, amazing strength and courage that a lot of young kids show when they're ill and in and out of hospitals. My son Ben is our superhero and I hope to God we get to meet you for a hug one day. Good Luck x

Mrs Sharon Constantine, UK, donated £30.00

You just brightened up my commute to work reading about your running adventures! Keep up your infectious enthusiasm and awesomeness!

Miss Jessica Plumb, UK, donated £10.00

Way to go Jamie! Looking forward to seeing you and Anna again at the finish line.

Mrs Anna Mihaltchev, CAN, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Superhero ❤️

Miss Susan Rice, UK, donated £20.00

Queen of the Desert. Good speed Jamie

Anonymous, USA, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Genuinely have no idea how you're still standing at this point, let alone running! Adventureman may be a fictional alter-ego but I'm pretty sure the real Jamie is a real life superhero :) Keep going buddy :)

Miss Rosie Jones, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie, amazing challenge. You're doing brilliantly, well done on keeping going!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Just another little donation. All the best x

Mrs Liz Smith, UK, donated £5.00

You are a true inspiration! Congratulations on all you’ve achieved so far and never doubt the impact that you’ve already had on so many people’s lives.

Mrs Kate Hazell, UK, donated £20.00

You are TRULY an inspiration, keep keeping on

Mr David Stranack, UK, donated £50.00

Well done Jamie! Keep up the good work, you are super!

Mr Oliver Ginley, UK, donated £5.00

You are inspiring !

Miss Nell Maddison, UK, donated £10.00

Very inspirational and completely selfless. What a fantastic cause! Keep going Jamie!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £40.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Came across you and the work you are doing to support kids and their families this morning - blew me away Jamie! A true inspiration. You make me want to work harder and do more... Thank you for reminding us all that everything is possible IF we put the work in and are prepared to constantly challenge and move beyond our comfort zones.

Kate Daniels, UK, donated £20.00

Donated on behalf of my kids Kaya 11 years and Brennyn 9 years who gathered pledges of $1 for every kilometre they hiked of the Eastcoast Trail in Newfoundland while we visited. They pushed themselves and got to 40km! Thank you Jamie for your dedication and inspiration for us all to do more!!

Ms Kari Frizzle, CAN, donated £500.00

Keep smashing out those marathons Jamie

Mr Daniel O'Rourke, donated £20.00


Ms Maggie Pearce, CAN, donated £1130.00

Hang in there Jaime. We are with you in spirit. So great to meet you at the Microsoft conference. See you when you get back to Gloucestershire

Mr Ian Bourne, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Brady Prim, USA, donated £45.00

We met you on the Oregon coast. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

Mrs Meggie Bambey, CAN, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mrs Wendy Scott, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £372.93
Anonymous, donated £50.00

Keep going Jamie! It’s amazing what you are doing and will make a real difference I am sure of that. X

Mr David Hares, UK, donated £30.00

You can ABSOLUTELY do this Jamie. Keep going.

Mrs Henrietta Shone, UK, donated £50.00

Fantastic achievement Jamie. Keep going!

Dr Sharon Fleming, UK, donated £50.00

Dear Jamie, You are amazing.Everything that you have done to help sick children in the world are remarkable acts of kindness and selflessness. Take care of yourself so you can keep doing what you want to do. As one person commented, just running one marathon a year is hard enough for anyone to achieve (physically and mentally) and the fact that you have done over 50 in a few months shows great strength. You are a super hero. But you are human and you must take care of your body (that includes mind and soul). I'll be praying for you every day. I wish you love, peace, health and happiness.

Ms Peggy Pike, CAN, donated £100.00

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens...don’t give up!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Ben Johnson, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie, your doing fantastic and I love to read your weekly fb posts of your journey. Gloucester is behind you all the way!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Dude, what you are doing is awesome. Stay healthy and strong, rest if you need it.

Miss Karen Herbert, UK, donated £15.00

Dear Jamie, I'm following you on Instagram, admiring your strength, determination,tenacity and inner resolve. You're doing a wonderful courageous act. If there were more people like you, the world would be even more magical. Go carefully and don't give up!!

Mrs Alice Lane, UK, donated £20.00

Following your journey with awe Jamie! Praying for strength, energy, good health and peace in heart and mind for you. You are an absolute legend!

Miss JUDITH BURCHAM, UK, donated £100.00

Jamie, You are an incredible individual. I am following your run through the US and so inspired by you pouring all your effort into helping others. We need more compassionate people like you in this world. Nice one sir.

Mr Reza Pakravan, UK, donated £50.00

Amazing effort. Well done.

Ms Heather McCann, UK, donated £50.00

Keep at it Jamie, nice to meet you yesterday! I'm paying from my UK card, so you get gift aid. I'll continue to share your adventure with as many people I can think of. I really hope you raise all the money! Sorry I can't give more (I'm raising money myself at the mo too). Kim

Mrs Kimberley Wintle, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep running Jamie. Love following you & your experiences. All for a good cause.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

You are doing amazingly well xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

You continue to amaze and inspire people all round the world. Stay safe and keep going Jamie.

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Arron JOyner, UK, donated £25.00

Good luck. Super hero indeed.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep up the great work Jamie!

Mrs Lynn Essex, UK, donated £10.00

Good luck Jamie! You are doing brilliantly and are an inspiration to us all! Keeping on running! lots of love from us all, Helen, Andrew, Max & Bo xx

Ms helen kloepfer, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going! You’re awesome!

Mrs Shona Grover, UK, donated £10.00

Great following you (on line!). Good luck with rest!

Mr John Landers, donated £20.00

Keep on running Jamie, loving your adventure. Glad to see you enjoying the moment today. Beautiful sunset and moonrise. With love from Gloucester ?

Mrs Sara Force, UK, donated £20.00

Keep up the great work...from a Canadian fan.

Mr Patrick Dixon, CAN, donated £200.00

Good luck from all at Mormet Aluminium Limited in Tamworth.

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Miss Trudi Vessey, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, this is such an inspiring feat! You are an incredible person and a literal super hero! I’m glad my family (The Harrison’s looked after you so well), I’m grateful to them for bringing your journey onto my radar! Keep going Jamie! You got this! Xxx P.s this donation is for Stew P, another running hero x

Miss Charlotte Moore, UK, donated £10.00

You are a real life superhero. Go well Jamie!

Mr Rugby Predictions, UK, donated £20.00

You are truly inspirational - just keep running

Mr Ian Gisbourne, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie Keep running mate, you are a true hero to so many people, and to the kids that you are helping with your amazing and inspirational efforts. Wishing you a decent tailwind all the way across the US of A Rich Hurdle (from Gloucestershire)

Mr Richard Hurdle, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing work mate, can’t begin to imagine how you do it Day after day - I struggle to run 5k.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Very inspirational, case across your story on FB

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie I don’t know you but you keep popping up in my Twitter feed! What you are doing and achieving is incredible, go easy on yourself. Stay safe & well.

Ms Dawn Laidlaw, UK, donated £50.00

Keep going, Jamie! Everyone here in Gloucester is rooting for you and if you can make it back to the cathedral after the run, we will raise even more funds to add to your total. Best wishes from staff and pupils at The King's School.

Mr DAVID MORTON, UK, donated £20.00

Crack on Jamie. You are making a huge difference and are an inspiration.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

If anybody deserves to reach their goal, it's you Jamie lad! I've been following your progress from the start and I think it's truly amazing. Keep doing what you're doing; you help make the world a better place. Best wishes Matthew Leader.

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Good luck :)

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You can do it! :)

Mrs Natasha Rees, UK, donated £10.00

Keep it going Jamie, and C'MON GLAWWSS

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie, keep going, you're doing GREAT things

Mr Jon Foster, UK, donated £10.00

I’m so proud of you. You are amazing and I love following your story. We’re willing you on

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

We first saw you on sky a while ago and bought the book. Funny and inspirational. We have 3 grandchildren with syringomyelia and think it's fabulous to see inspiring stories of what you can do with these types of illness rather than what you can't .keep going Jamie what you are doing to help other people is totally fantastic amazing and selfless.your certainly a hero!

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Jamie, You are a true Superhero and inspiration. I hope everyone who hears about your run across the USA for children’s hospitals will take the short time it takes to donate. Stay strong and keep safe out there, Eliza

Eliza Murphy, CAN, donated £50.00

Keep up your great work, Jamie! You ARE making a difference, and it is awesome. ❤️??

Anonymous, CAN, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie. You got this. Great job xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Big family work day here today Jamie- we are all with you in spirit! You are nailing it! We know you will always give it your best - what more can you ask? Big hugs and kisses, Sue and Ian (well, maybe not too big a kiss from Ian! ? )xxx

Anonymous, UK, donated £500.00

We met on Australia camping in the outback. You were mad then and you are mad now. Amazing achievement well done

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Dan Jorden, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Thank you for inspiring, Jamie.

Mr George Hoffmann, CAN, donated £100.00

Well done on your amazing progress so far Jamie!

Ms Lucie McLean, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie. I am following you everyday. You inspired us last year at our Achievement Evening and I am in awe of your kindness, passion, humour and craziness!! Keep running and keep doing what you do. Goodness is infectious my friend. Cheers!!!

Mr Steve Brady, UK, donated £25.00

Keep it going Jamie.. your anguish will pass, you know it, fight on, Paul

Mr Paul Martin, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Stay safe Jamie , rest well.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, keeping track of you daily. I came acrosss your story from a friend of a friend of a friend and have been avidly following since. Your quite an inspiration - truly cracked and a man after my own heart. What you are going is incredible - it’s a game changer with positive ripples making a difference far far away.. you will never know the half of the goodness you have done.. Stay safe out there buddy. Topman, Paul

Anonymous, UK, donated £75.00

Fantastic effort Jamie.

Mr Philip Seyers, UK, donated £10.00

Top effort, Jamie, keep up the amazing work

Mr Richard Leatherdale, UK, donated £10.00

In awe of you, Adventureman.

Meg Veale, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Andrew Johnson, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Good for you--very inspiring to see what you're doing. I wish you safe travels on your epic journey. Enjoy our beautiful state of California!

Anonymous, USA, donated £7.50

Go on Jamie, ya mad bugger!

Mr Jamie Gittins, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie, you are an inspiration, a hero, a selfless human being brining joy, happiness, positive vibe to kids and adult alike. A Chinese saying: "when a fox die it leave behind a tail, when a man die he leave behind his reputation." Your deeds you will be remembered by.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

A huge well done Jamie on your progress so far, I believe in you. You can do it, such a beautiful human being. We need more people like you in the world. Sending my love ?

Miss Michelle Sandifer, UK, donated £20.00

You’re an amazing human Jamie. Chin up and keep doing what you’re doing. Incredible so far ☺️☺️

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Jamie, You are truly inspirational. So happy to have fell into meeting you. Enjoyed our little trek up the hill. ? Love, Liz and Ed

Mrs Elizabeth Cable, USA, donated £75.00

Go on Jamie! Your videos and blogs are so inspiring mate. Keep plugging away and the momentum will build I'm sure.

Mr Chris Todd, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

With you all the way Jamie!! We look forward to reading your Facebook updates everyday!!

Mrs Georgina Motterham, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie - Betsy, Harry, Fiona and I send you best wishes and still thinking about you - go Superhero, go!

Mr Spencer Clarke, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie, I've just read your book. You are an absolute inspiration. Stay safe and healthy on your U.S. trip and keep on going!!! David

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Andrew Connor, CAN, donated £25.00

Fellow “Numpty” here Jamie, big supporter of yours as you know mate. You are such an inspiration, in a world that needs Superheroes right now! Go SMASH it! Mark 47

Mr Mark Jordan, UK, donated £50.00
Mrs Mary Escolme, UK, donated £10.00

You're doing brilliantly. Keep it going.. I work at a Primary School in Gloucester and I'm going to show my class your twitter page. Hopefully get a few more donations from the families.

Mr Craig Allen, UK, donated £20.00

keep going! we do care <3

Anonymous, CAN, donated £100.00

Jamie McDonald I’m a fan Of you & your alter ego adventureman I catch up everyday With your exploits along the way Today it was the wrong way that you ran! Don’t be so angry & downhearted We’re all still behind you not departed Every Wednesday from now on I’ll donate a tenner as long As you remember how far you’ve come since you started

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Great Job Jamie, Stay safe and strong and look after Caesar and the Chaffing. Haven’t seen you since Keith’s funeral, but sure he’ll be looking down with great admiration and still convinced how mad you are in equal doses. May Oregan fly by, but with lasting memories. You’re doing so much more than raising money fella. You bring out the best in the people you make contact with. Look forward to week 4. Best Mark

Mr Mark Simpson, UK, donated £50.00

Jamie, Your blogs are inspirational and so lovely to see you running with Anna, the lovely Wonderwoman, this week.... Alison and Steve Todd xx

Mrs Alison Todd, UK, donated £100.00

Good Luck, love keeping up with you challenge.x

Mrs Wendy Thomas, UK, donated £10.00

You are truly a Superhero to the sick kids!

Vida Reader, CAN, donated £25.00

So happy to have met you and Wonder Woman Anna today in Lincoln City, Oregon USA!!!! Sorry we could not stop the rain! Crazy coastal weather ;o) Wishing you both the very best!

Mr Frank Cavezza, USA, donated £100.00
Anonymous, USA, donated £40.00

Good luck Jamie! You are doing amazingly well and are helping so many people already. Keep laughing and smiling. Holly and the girls

Mrs Holly Correia Dos Santos, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, a few years ago you did a talk at my college in Stroud about your incredible Canadian challenge and your amazing charity work. It was one of the most inspiring and stories I’ve heard and completely changed my perspective of everyday life. Following your US challenge, continuing with that passion to help those who really need it fills me with so much hope and drives me to help others whenever I can. Very best of luck! :)

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Keep on running. Great work! Nick

Mr Nick Street, UK, donated £100.00

Keep good going Jamie, you are a genuine superhero and a proper legend, mixed in with a little bit mad! (in the nicest possible way of course!)

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Victoria Clark, UK, donated £10.00

Enjoying following your trip via Twitter #braveman

Mrs Chris Broad, UK, donated £25.00

Thank you, good luck and hope you achieve your goals.

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

All the best, Jamie! A great cause that you're running for!

Ms Leona Wiens, CAN, donated £50.00

Run Jamie Run! ?‍♂️ 1 State down 14 to go!

Mr J Pinniger, UK, donated £20.00

Smash it!!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Fred Ellis, UK, donated £2.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £0.50

Hero Jamie. Hero #keepgoing

Mr Alan Hickman, UK, donated £50.00
Mr Peter Cameron, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £250.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Best wishes and good luck.

Rodney Catiggay, USA, donated £100.00

Great job Jamie, I'm looking forward to sharing your story and latest adventure with the children of Moat Primary during assembly on Thursday. Good luck and thanks for the inspirational story.

Mr Mike Cutler, UK, donated £20.00

Go Jamie, go! Lots of love and positive vibes from Team Radioactive xxxxx

Mrs Angharad Planells, UK, donated £50.00

You are the best! Not sure if I would have figured that out. What Size do you wear? Rob used to wear "minimals", like a glove for your feet. Not sure if he has any old pair kicking around. If he does and has your size, we can arrange to have them sent to a destination to meet up with you. Good luck in your "bare foot" running.

Rick Fall, CAN, donated £50.00

Hi Jamie I am Guy Thomas' Mum and have nothing but admiration for you and what you have already achieved! You are amazing! Wishing you all the luck in the world. Just do your can do no more!

Mrs Maureen Thomas, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Incredible - good luck; enjoy!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie. Thank you for being who you are and for inspiring us to become the best version of ourselves. First time i donate for your journey but not the last.

Miss Marie Aimée Beaulac, CAN, donated £15.00

Go Jamie

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Hey Jamie, going through some tough times and your videos always raise my spirits, I expect you'll be going through some tough ones too. Keep pushing. Sending you loads of energy and much love from Cheltenham

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Look after your feet and good luck.

Mrs Jennie Macaulay-Lowe, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Blessings to you & safe journey!

MaryEllen Moulton, CAN, donated £50.00

Good luck and god speed Jamie! Truly an epic adventure and more to the point shines a light on those charities in need of our help to enhance the lives of young people. If this donation can in some way make a small difference to a child's life then that's a good thing.

Mr Steven Kilroy, UK, donated £100.00

Go Jamie! Keep inspiring the rest of us, and keep going even when it seems impossible to take another step.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00


Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00

Hi you crazy person .good luck in your travels. we miss you so much love sonia and jo xx hope this donation helps x

Mrs sonia francis, UK, donated £500.00

Go Jamie, may the wind always be at your back and the sun on your face. You’re an inspiration! Much love Morgan and helen.x

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Wishing you all the luck in the world Jamie -- it's a fantastic project, and you're an inspiring adventurer! I'll be following along via Twitter until you get to Massachusetts, when I hope you'll let me buy you a beer (and run a bit too)

Anonymous, USA, donated £75.00

Never give up. Xx

Mrs Kelly Durkin, UK, donated £10.00

Good Luck Jamie! We were all very inspired to hear your story Jamie! Keep up the great work!! From everyone at Nor' Wester View School in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada!!

Mrs Jennifer Mihalcin, CAN, donated £400.00

Good Luck Jamie! My son Hayden will be keeping track of your progress!

Mrs Rebecca Myrick, USA, donated £200.00

Good luck Jamie.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00

Go Jamie. Very proud to know such a crazy and inspirational man

Mr Alan Betts, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Good Luck Jamie, don’t think too far ahead xx

Anonymous, UK

In honor of Dora Slotnick, a Chicago superhero!

Miss Dora Slotnick, USA, donated £25.00

Thank you for stopping and sharing your positive message!

Gull Lake School Community Council, CAN, donated £200.00

Spread your Joy and Encouragement as you Run. We know the sacrifices you have made, and will make to complete this challenge. You are a true inspiration. You make a difference, and you inspire others to make a difference in their own way, Adventures large and small.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £200.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £500.00

Thank you for coming to visit us at Nor' Wester View School! We were so inspired by your message we decided to have a Persian sale in your honour. (Persian are our local delicacy in Thunder Bay! Did you have one while you were here?) Good Luck! We wish you every success on your journey! Cheers Nor' Wester View Staff and Students

Mrs Pauline Fontaine, CAN

Call it a well earned Corona. Share your story widet with this donation

Mr Rob Hunt, UK, donated £200.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £102.25

Good Luck mate!!

Mr Andrew Kluge, UK, donated £250.00

So fabulous to see you again here in Corner Brook Jamie. So proud of you & all you are doing. Here’s my donation for all books sold! May the force be with you, can’t wait to follow your next adventure. Niki...aka Royal Order of Newfoundland Screechers!

Mrs Niki Hollahan, CAN, donated £95.00

Best of Luck From Team Cosatto

Mr Andrew Kluge, UK, donated £898.80

Go Jamie! Here's some dollars for your great cause from all the students and parents with Tara Lund Music School!

Mrs Tara Lund, CAN, donated £85.00

To my brother, a true hero, helping others who need help to find strength in their inner hero. Tons of love and happy christmas xxxx

Mr Samuel Popham, UK, donated £10.00

Hi Jamie, I read the book very inspirational and moving you are truly one of the good guys , good luck on this next challenge

Anonymous, UK, donated £75.00

Hey Jamie! Just finished your fantastic book! Loved every word! You are truly an inspiration to the world! Best of luck on your next adventure. We will be following you on social media and cheering you on! Your buddies on the ferry Sherry&Mike

Mrs Sherry Scott, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00

Inspirational Jamie McDonald ! Thank you !

Mrs Debbie Lange, UK, donated £20.00

Thank you so much for your inspiring talk at the nursing school today, and for everything you are doing! Good luck with your US run!

Miss Janine Robertson, CAN, donated £30.00

I enjoyed your presentation today at WRSON, it was both inspiring and engaging! Here is the $20 I promised you for book, I look forward to reading it! Best of Luck!

Mr Carter Childs, CAN, donated £20.00

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak at our school of nursing today. Thank you as well for the wonderful book, I can't wait to read it. Can't wait to hear more about your next adventures. Continued super-hero strength to you!

Mrs Peggy Hancock, CAN, donated £25.00

Donations from Geek Girl Brunch Leeds. Best of luck with your fundraising!

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Mr Lee Bennett, CAN, donated £60.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Thank you so much for such a motivating talk on 25th October. You’re inspirational to us all and we wish you the best of luck in America. Who’s the daddy!?!?! From all at Worcestershire Advance x

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Mr Rob Pearce, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie - an inspiring, hilarious, moving talk at the Cleeve School Achievement Awards last night. Thank you for the books, for which we didn't bring cash but we promised we'd donate it!

Mr Chris Button, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie , thank you for your inspiring talk to the young people at Cleeve School this evening , what a truly inspirational man you are . My daughter and I really enjoyed your speech , it's both emotional and funny! Hope you get looked after by more Momma Bears on your next fundraiser across America . Mel x

Mrs Mel Westwood, UK, donated £10.00

Good look my superhero second son! Wishing you a safe journey filled with positivity, generosity & stories to tell. Big hug Gail Glover xxx

Mrs Gail Glover, UK, donated £50.00
Miss Jennifer Henderson, UK, donated £40.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Come on Jamie. You is the daddy!

Mrs Ruth Oakey, UK, donated £30.00

Good luck Jamie!

Anonymous, donated £25.00

Thank you for trusting me, to walk away from pittville award ceremony, with your book. As promise I double my donation. Good luck with the amazing work you do x

Anonymous, UK

HI Jamie - I saw your presentation at RDO and you gave me your book. Good luck with your US run! Mad or what!! Jackie Kerslake

Mrs Jackie Kerslake, UK, donated £25.00

Having seen your fund raising efforts on Sky News recently Jamie (Adventureman) I want to wish you Good Luck in your future travels to raise funds in support of the children and their families. Keep on Trucking, Best wishes, Pauline Tombs x

Miss Pauline Tombs, UK, donated £20.00

Just finished reading your book Jamie and felt inspired to donate! We have also just donated to our local children's hospital charity here in Switzerland where we live. Thanks for everything you are doing and inspiring us to contribute more!

Anonymous, donated £100.00

Just saw you on SKY news and think what you're doing is a fantastic thing. Well done and thank you for helping those that arent as lucky as me and my daughters. May you travel with the wind at your back and a spring in your step knowing our thoughts are with you.

Mr Steve McQueenie, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Michael Thompson, UK, donated £50.00

I have just watched Jamie in sky news (11.10.17) his enthusiasm has inspired me to donate again after I had lost faith in how charities raise money. My son who is not 23 has Williams syndrome and had pioneering ( at the time) and successful heart surgery with pigs artery when he was 4 years old at GOS therefore I would like my tiny and insufficient donation to pass to this hospital which I am sure has suffered lately with donations due to the extremely upsetting case of little Charlie .

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Let's get the wheels rolling on the fundraising chariot! Good luck Jamie, we'll be with you every step of the way...hopefully in the right direction!

Mr James Clay, UK, donated £10.00