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2 of 15 States and 23 marathons down for superhero fundraiser in enormous coast-to-coast USA solo run

Real-life superhero Jamie McDonald, who has raised more than $500,000 for children’s charities through bigger-than-life adventures, is more than 600 miles into a coast-to-coast run across the United States, again dressed as a superhero. He has just crossed the border into California, the third of fifteen states the adventurer will run through. To date, he’s ran 300 miles barefoot, and spent days without seeing another human being.

Here is Jamie on TV doing a recent news interview at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital, Oregon (18th May, 2018)

31-year-old Jamie McDonald, from Gloucester in the UK, spent the first nine years of his life in and out of hospital with a rare spinal condition; syringomyelia. Combined with a very weak immune system and epilepsy, Jamie’s health was very poor – his family feared he might lose his mobility altogether. At nine years old, and against the odds, his symptoms eased, allowing Jamie to slowly become more active.

On the 10th April 2018, Jamie began his second coast-to-coast journey that will take him right the way across the United States. He has just a year to finish the nearly 6,000 mile route, before his Visa runs out.

Beginning at the westernmost point of the United States – Cape Alava in Washington – Jamie has so far ran the length of Washington and Oregon States, entering the enormous state of California this week. He has ran more than 23 marathons in just over a month, clocking up an average of 20 miles a day.

He’ll travel through many others, including Texas, Tennessee, Washington D.C. and New York, on his way to the easternmost point of mainland USA, West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine.

So far, the adventure has raised more than $10,000 for US children’s hospitals and £25,000 – 10% of the goal total – for Superhero Foundation, a charity Jamie co-founded that grants money to families for treatment they might not otherwise be able to have or afford. Supporters around the world can donate here.

Jamie is running as his alter ego Adventureman, in a custom-made superhero costume designed by then-10-year-old, Conner Reddy.

He can be followed using this live tracker: The route can be seen both on that page and below.

running across america - Jamie McDonald's route

Running by himself and without a support crew yet again, Jamie has ran through rainforest downpours and down highways busy with giant logging trucks. His route will take him through lonely 50 degree celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) deserts at the hottest time of the year – during which his tracker and quick access to water will be necessary to survive, sub-zero temperatures and the constant threat of bears, cougars and other wild animals, injuries and the uncertain elements.

Jamie has been and will continue to wild camp en route, although strangers have offered him somewhere to stay occasionally throughout the run so far.

Jamie has so far visited Seattle Children’s Hospital and Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in Oregon. As an international fundraising adventure, 50% of any American donations will go to local children’s hospital in the state donors live and the other 50% will go to supporting other sick children around the world.

He is also stopping in at schools and businesses along the way, delivering motivational talks to help with the fundraising

Jamie said,

“I’ve been through so much already, and I’m only just into my third of fifteen states – and it’s an ENORMOUS one! It being huge though gives us huge donation and support potential, so I’m hoping the extra miles will make a bigger difference.

“At the beginning of this run, just days in, I injured my foot so badly that I thought I’d have to start again. Through careful management and lots of barefoot running, I’ve hit more than 600 miles – around a tenth of the total distance I’ll need to run – in around 40 days. My maths isn’t great, but that tells me that I have a good shot at making it before my visa runs out.”

He continued,

“I’m feeling confident, but I do have days where I sometimes think I might not make it. I’m running 20 mile days most days, and I’m running like I’ve got the wind at my back. I might only have just started in the grand scheme of the adventure, but I’m into my stride and nothing’s going to break me. I’m doing this to show people, and especially children in situations like I was in, and many worse, that anything is possible, and that you can’t give up on hope and health. I’d like to thank the US so far for taking me in when I’ve most needed it – I couldn’t do this without the kindness of people.”

Before the 6,000 mile coast-to-coast US run:

For the last four years, Jamie, now 31, has been working tirelessly to give back. He’s raised more than £500,000 for children’s charities, hospitals and causes around the world throughout his many adventures. He was named as the Pride of Britain ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ for the west for his effort, among many other accolades.

In the time since his last adventure, Jamie has co-founded Gloucestershire-based Superhero Foundation, a charity that grants money to families for treatment not otherwise available on the NHS. He has also written the best-selling book ‘Adventureman: Anyone Can Be a Superhero’, the story of his life to this point – no mean feat for somebody that struggles with dyslexia, and retook his GCSEs aged 23. All proceeds from the book go to charity.

This video tells you more about Jamie:

Follow Jamie’s social media accounts – he posts daily blogs, videos and photos:


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Donor's Messages

We met you on the Oregon coast. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

Mrs Meggie Bambey, CAN, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mrs Wendy Scott, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £372.93
Anonymous, donated £50.00

Keep going Jamie! It’s amazing what you are doing and will make a real difference I am sure of that. X

Mr David Hares, UK, donated £30.00

You can ABSOLUTELY do this Jamie. Keep going.

Mrs Henrietta Shone, UK, donated £50.00

Fantastic achievement Jamie. Keep going!

Dr Sharon Fleming, UK, donated £50.00

Dear Jamie, You are amazing.Everything that you have done to help sick children in the world are remarkable acts of kindness and selflessness. Take care of yourself so you can keep doing what you want to do. As one person commented, just running one marathon a year is hard enough for anyone to achieve (physically and mentally) and the fact that you have done over 50 in a few months shows great strength. You are a super hero. But you are human and you must take care of your body (that includes mind and soul). I'll be praying for you every day. I wish you love, peace, health and happiness.

Ms Peggy Pike, CAN, donated £100.00

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens...don’t give up!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Ben Johnson, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie, your doing fantastic and I love to read your weekly fb posts of your journey. Gloucester is behind you all the way!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Dude, what you are doing is awesome. Stay healthy and strong, rest if you need it.

Miss Karen Herbert, UK, donated £15.00

Dear Jamie, I'm following you on Instagram, admiring your strength, determination,tenacity and inner resolve. You're doing a wonderful courageous act. If there were more people like you, the world would be even more magical. Go carefully and don't give up!!

Mrs Alice Lane, UK, donated £20.00

Following your journey with awe Jamie! Praying for strength, energy, good health and peace in heart and mind for you. You are an absolute legend!

Miss JUDITH BURCHAM, UK, donated £100.00

Jamie, You are an incredible individual. I am following your run through the US and so inspired by you pouring all your effort into helping others. We need more compassionate people like you in this world. Nice one sir.

Mr Reza Pakravan, UK, donated £50.00

Amazing effort. Well done.

Ms Heather McCann, UK, donated £50.00

Keep at it Jamie, nice to meet you yesterday! I'm paying from my UK card, so you get gift aid. I'll continue to share your adventure with as many people I can think of. I really hope you raise all the money! Sorry I can't give more (I'm raising money myself at the mo too). Kim

Mrs Kimberley Wintle, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep running Jamie. Love following you & your experiences. All for a good cause.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

You are doing amazingly well xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

You continue to amaze and inspire people all round the world. Stay safe and keep going Jamie.

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Arron JOyner, UK, donated £25.00

Good luck. Super hero indeed.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep up the great work Jamie!

Mrs Lynn Essex, UK, donated £10.00

Good luck Jamie! You are doing brilliantly and are an inspiration to us all! Keeping on running! lots of love from us all, Helen, Andrew, Max & Bo xx

Ms helen kloepfer, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Keep going! You’re awesome!

Mrs Shona Grover, UK, donated £10.00

Great following you (on line!). Good luck with rest!

Mr John Landers, donated £20.00

Keep on running Jamie, loving your adventure. Glad to see you enjoying the moment today. Beautiful sunset and moonrise. With love from Gloucester 🤗

Mrs Sara Force, UK, donated £20.00

Keep up the great work...from a Canadian fan.

Mr Patrick Dixon, CAN, donated £200.00

Good luck from all at Mormet Aluminium Limited in Tamworth.

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Miss Trudi Vessey, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, this is such an inspiring feat! You are an incredible person and a literal super hero! I’m glad my family (The Harrison’s looked after you so well), I’m grateful to them for bringing your journey onto my radar! Keep going Jamie! You got this! Xxx P.s this donation is for Stew P, another running hero x

Miss Charlotte Moore, UK, donated £10.00

You are a real life superhero. Go well Jamie!

Mr Rugby Predictions, UK, donated £20.00

You are truly inspirational - just keep running

Mr Ian Gisbourne, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie Keep running mate, you are a true hero to so many people, and to the kids that you are helping with your amazing and inspirational efforts. Wishing you a decent tailwind all the way across the US of A Rich Hurdle (from Gloucestershire)

Mr Richard Hurdle, UK, donated £100.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Amazing work mate, can’t begin to imagine how you do it Day after day - I struggle to run 5k.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Very inspirational, case across your story on FB

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie I don’t know you but you keep popping up in my Twitter feed! What you are doing and achieving is incredible, go easy on yourself. Stay safe & well.

Ms Dawn Laidlaw, UK, donated £50.00

Keep going, Jamie! Everyone here in Gloucester is rooting for you and if you can make it back to the cathedral after the run, we will raise even more funds to add to your total. Best wishes from staff and pupils at The King's School.

Mr DAVID MORTON, UK, donated £20.00

Crack on Jamie. You are making a huge difference and are an inspiration.

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

If anybody deserves to reach their goal, it's you Jamie lad! I've been following your progress from the start and I think it's truly amazing. Keep doing what you're doing; you help make the world a better place. Best wishes Matthew Leader.

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Good luck :)

Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

You can do it! :)

Mrs Natasha Rees, UK, donated £10.00

Keep it going Jamie, and C'MON GLAWWSS

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Well done Jamie, keep going, you're doing GREAT things

Mr Jon Foster, UK, donated £10.00

I’m so proud of you. You are amazing and I love following your story. We’re willing you on

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

We first saw you on sky a while ago and bought the book. Funny and inspirational. We have 3 grandchildren with syringomyelia and think it's fabulous to see inspiring stories of what you can do with these types of illness rather than what you can't .keep going Jamie what you are doing to help other people is totally fantastic amazing and selfless.your certainly a hero!

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Jamie, You are a true Superhero and inspiration. I hope everyone who hears about your run across the USA for children’s hospitals will take the short time it takes to donate. Stay strong and keep safe out there, Eliza

Eliza Murphy, CAN, donated £50.00

Keep up your great work, Jamie! You ARE making a difference, and it is awesome. ❤️👍🏻

Anonymous, CAN, donated £10.00

Keep going Jamie. You got this. Great job xx

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Big family work day here today Jamie- we are all with you in spirit! You are nailing it! We know you will always give it your best - what more can you ask? Big hugs and kisses, Sue and Ian (well, maybe not too big a kiss from Ian! 🤣 )xxx

Anonymous, UK, donated £500.00

We met on Australia camping in the outback. You were mad then and you are mad now. Amazing achievement well done

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Dan Jorden, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Thank you for inspiring, Jamie.

Mr George Hoffmann, CAN, donated £100.00

Well done on your amazing progress so far Jamie!

Ms Lucie McLean, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie. I am following you everyday. You inspired us last year at our Achievement Evening and I am in awe of your kindness, passion, humour and craziness!! Keep running and keep doing what you do. Goodness is infectious my friend. Cheers!!!

Mr Steve Brady, UK, donated £25.00

Keep it going Jamie.. your anguish will pass, you know it, fight on, Paul

Mr Paul Martin, UK, donated £25.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Stay safe Jamie , rest well.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, keeping track of you daily. I came acrosss your story from a friend of a friend of a friend and have been avidly following since. Your quite an inspiration - truly cracked and a man after my own heart. What you are going is incredible - it’s a game changer with positive ripples making a difference far far away.. you will never know the half of the goodness you have done.. Stay safe out there buddy. Topman, Paul

Anonymous, UK, donated £75.00

Fantastic effort Jamie.

Mr Philip Seyers, UK, donated £10.00

Top effort, Jamie, keep up the amazing work

Mr Richard Leatherdale, UK, donated £10.00

In awe of you, Adventureman.

Meg Veale, UK, donated £20.00
Mr Andrew Johnson, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Good for you--very inspiring to see what you're doing. I wish you safe travels on your epic journey. Enjoy our beautiful state of California!

Anonymous, USA, donated £7.50

Go on Jamie, ya mad bugger!

Mr Jamie Gittins, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie, you are an inspiration, a hero, a selfless human being brining joy, happiness, positive vibe to kids and adult alike. A Chinese saying: "when a fox die it leave behind a tail, when a man die he leave behind his reputation." Your deeds you will be remembered by.

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

A huge well done Jamie on your progress so far, I believe in you. You can do it, such a beautiful human being. We need more people like you in the world. Sending my love 😀

Miss Michelle Sandifer, UK, donated £20.00

You’re an amazing human Jamie. Chin up and keep doing what you’re doing. Incredible so far ☺️☺️

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Jamie, You are truly inspirational. So happy to have fell into meeting you. Enjoyed our little trek up the hill. 😁 Love, Liz and Ed

Mrs Elizabeth Cable, USA, donated £75.00

Go on Jamie! Your videos and blogs are so inspiring mate. Keep plugging away and the momentum will build I'm sure.

Mr Chris Todd, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

With you all the way Jamie!! We look forward to reading your Facebook updates everyday!!

Mrs Georgina Motterham, UK, donated £5.00

Jamie - Betsy, Harry, Fiona and I send you best wishes and still thinking about you - go Superhero, go!

Mr Spencer Clarke, UK, donated £25.00

Jamie, I've just read your book. You are an absolute inspiration. Stay safe and healthy on your U.S. trip and keep on going!!! David

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Andrew Connor, CAN, donated £25.00

Fellow “Numpty” here Jamie, big supporter of yours as you know mate. You are such an inspiration, in a world that needs Superheroes right now! Go SMASH it! Mark 47

Mr Mark Jordan, UK, donated £50.00
Mrs Mary Escolme, UK, donated £10.00

You're doing brilliantly. Keep it going.. I work at a Primary School in Gloucester and I'm going to show my class your twitter page. Hopefully get a few more donations from the families.

Mr Craig Allen, UK, donated £20.00

keep going! we do care <3

Anonymous, CAN, donated £100.00

Jamie McDonald I’m a fan Of you & your alter ego adventureman I catch up everyday With your exploits along the way Today it was the wrong way that you ran! Don’t be so angry & downhearted We’re all still behind you not departed Every Wednesday from now on I’ll donate a tenner as long As you remember how far you’ve come since you started

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Great Job Jamie, Stay safe and strong and look after Caesar and the Chaffing. Haven’t seen you since Keith’s funeral, but sure he’ll be looking down with great admiration and still convinced how mad you are in equal doses. May Oregan fly by, but with lasting memories. You’re doing so much more than raising money fella. You bring out the best in the people you make contact with. Look forward to week 4. Best Mark

Mr Mark Simpson, UK, donated £50.00

Jamie, Your blogs are inspirational and so lovely to see you running with Anna, the lovely Wonderwoman, this week.... Alison and Steve Todd xx

Mrs Alison Todd, UK, donated £100.00

Good Luck, love keeping up with you challenge.x

Mrs Wendy Thomas, UK, donated £10.00

You are truly a Superhero to the sick kids!

Vida Reader, CAN, donated £25.00

So happy to have met you and Wonder Woman Anna today in Lincoln City, Oregon USA!!!! Sorry we could not stop the rain! Crazy coastal weather ;o) Wishing you both the very best!

Mr Frank Cavezza, USA, donated £100.00
Anonymous, USA, donated £40.00

Good luck Jamie! You are doing amazingly well and are helping so many people already. Keep laughing and smiling. Holly and the girls

Mrs Holly Correia Dos Santos, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie, a few years ago you did a talk at my college in Stroud about your incredible Canadian challenge and your amazing charity work. It was one of the most inspiring and stories I’ve heard and completely changed my perspective of everyday life. Following your US challenge, continuing with that passion to help those who really need it fills me with so much hope and drives me to help others whenever I can. Very best of luck! :)

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00

Keep on running. Great work! Nick

Mr Nick Street, UK, donated £100.00

Keep good going Jamie, you are a genuine superhero and a proper legend, mixed in with a little bit mad! (in the nicest possible way of course!)

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Miss Victoria Clark, UK, donated £10.00

Enjoying following your trip via Twitter #braveman

Mrs Chris Broad, UK, donated £25.00

Thank you, good luck and hope you achieve your goals.

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

All the best, Jamie! A great cause that you're running for!

Ms Leona Wiens, CAN, donated £50.00

Run Jamie Run! 🏃‍♂️ 1 State down 14 to go!

Mr J Pinniger, UK, donated £20.00

Smash it!!!!

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Fred Ellis, UK, donated £2.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £0.50

Hero Jamie. Hero #keepgoing

Mr Alan Hickman, UK, donated £50.00
Mr Peter Cameron, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £250.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Best wishes and good luck.

Rodney Catiggay, USA, donated £100.00

Great job Jamie, I'm looking forward to sharing your story and latest adventure with the children of Moat Primary during assembly on Thursday. Good luck and thanks for the inspirational story.

Mr Mike Cutler, UK, donated £20.00

Go Jamie, go! Lots of love and positive vibes from Team Radioactive xxxxx

Mrs Angharad Planells, UK, donated £50.00

You are the best! Not sure if I would have figured that out. What Size do you wear? Rob used to wear "minimals", like a glove for your feet. Not sure if he has any old pair kicking around. If he does and has your size, we can arrange to have them sent to a destination to meet up with you. Good luck in your "bare foot" running.

Rick Fall, CAN, donated £50.00

Hi Jamie I am Guy Thomas' Mum and have nothing but admiration for you and what you have already achieved! You are amazing! Wishing you all the luck in the world. Just do your can do no more!

Mrs Maureen Thomas, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Incredible - good luck; enjoy!

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie. Thank you for being who you are and for inspiring us to become the best version of ourselves. First time i donate for your journey but not the last.

Miss Marie Aimée Beaulac, CAN, donated £15.00

Go Jamie

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Hey Jamie, going through some tough times and your videos always raise my spirits, I expect you'll be going through some tough ones too. Keep pushing. Sending you loads of energy and much love from Cheltenham

Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Look after your feet and good luck.

Mrs Jennie Macaulay-Lowe, UK, donated £10.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Blessings to you & safe journey!

MaryEllen Moulton, CAN, donated £50.00

Good luck and god speed Jamie! Truly an epic adventure and more to the point shines a light on those charities in need of our help to enhance the lives of young people. If this donation can in some way make a small difference to a child's life then that's a good thing.

Mr Steven Kilroy, UK, donated £100.00

Go Jamie! Keep inspiring the rest of us, and keep going even when it seems impossible to take another step.

Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00


Anonymous, UK, donated £25.00

Hi you crazy person .good luck in your travels. we miss you so much love sonia and jo xx hope this donation helps x

Mrs sonia francis, UK, donated £500.00

Go Jamie, may the wind always be at your back and the sun on your face. You’re an inspiration! Much love Morgan and helen.x

Anonymous, UK, donated £50.00

Wishing you all the luck in the world Jamie -- it's a fantastic project, and you're an inspiring adventurer! I'll be following along via Twitter until you get to Massachusetts, when I hope you'll let me buy you a beer (and run a bit too)

Anonymous, USA, donated £75.00

Never give up. Xx

Mrs Kelly Durkin, UK, donated £10.00

Good Luck Jamie! We were all very inspired to hear your story Jamie! Keep up the great work!! From everyone at Nor' Wester View School in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada!!

Mrs Jennifer Mihalcin, CAN, donated £400.00

Good Luck Jamie! My son Hayden will be keeping track of your progress!

Mrs Rebecca Myrick, USA, donated £200.00

Good luck Jamie.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £50.00

Go Jamie. Very proud to know such a crazy and inspirational man

Mr Alan Betts, UK, donated £50.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £30.00

Good Luck Jamie, don’t think too far ahead xx

Anonymous, UK

In honor of Dora Slotnick, a Chicago superhero!

Miss Dora Slotnick, USA, donated £25.00

Thank you for stopping and sharing your positive message!

Gull Lake School Community Council, CAN, donated £200.00

Spread your Joy and Encouragement as you Run. We know the sacrifices you have made, and will make to complete this challenge. You are a true inspiration. You make a difference, and you inspire others to make a difference in their own way, Adventures large and small.

Anonymous, CAN, donated £200.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £500.00

Thank you for coming to visit us at Nor' Wester View School! We were so inspired by your message we decided to have a Persian sale in your honour. (Persian are our local delicacy in Thunder Bay! Did you have one while you were here?) Good Luck! We wish you every success on your journey! Cheers Nor' Wester View Staff and Students

Mrs Pauline Fontaine, CAN

Call it a well earned Corona. Share your story widet with this donation

Mr Rob Hunt, UK, donated £200.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £102.25

Good Luck mate!!

Mr Andrew Kluge, UK, donated £250.00

So fabulous to see you again here in Corner Brook Jamie. So proud of you & all you are doing. Here’s my donation for all books sold! May the force be with you, can’t wait to follow your next adventure. Niki...aka Royal Order of Newfoundland Screechers!

Mrs Niki Hollahan, CAN, donated £95.00

Best of Luck From Team Cosatto

Mr Andrew Kluge, UK, donated £898.80

Go Jamie! Here's some dollars for your great cause from all the students and parents with Tara Lund Music School!

Mrs Tara Lund, CAN, donated £85.00

To my brother, a true hero, helping others who need help to find strength in their inner hero. Tons of love and happy christmas xxxx

Mr Samuel Popham, UK, donated £10.00

Hi Jamie, I read the book very inspirational and moving you are truly one of the good guys , good luck on this next challenge

Anonymous, UK, donated £75.00

Hey Jamie! Just finished your fantastic book! Loved every word! You are truly an inspiration to the world! Best of luck on your next adventure. We will be following you on social media and cheering you on! Your buddies on the ferry Sherry&Mike

Mrs Sherry Scott, CAN, donated £50.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00
Anonymous, CAN, donated £20.00

Inspirational Jamie McDonald ! Thank you !

Mrs Debbie Lange, UK, donated £20.00

Thank you so much for your inspiring talk at the nursing school today, and for everything you are doing! Good luck with your US run!

Miss Janine Robertson, CAN, donated £30.00

I enjoyed your presentation today at WRSON, it was both inspiring and engaging! Here is the $20 I promised you for book, I look forward to reading it! Best of Luck!

Mr Carter Childs, CAN, donated £20.00

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak at our school of nursing today. Thank you as well for the wonderful book, I can't wait to read it. Can't wait to hear more about your next adventures. Continued super-hero strength to you!

Mrs Peggy Hancock, CAN, donated £25.00

Donations from Geek Girl Brunch Leeds. Best of luck with your fundraising!

Anonymous, UK, donated £5.00
Mr Lee Bennett, CAN, donated £60.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £15.00

Thank you so much for such a motivating talk on 25th October. You’re inspirational to us all and we wish you the best of luck in America. Who’s the daddy!?!?! From all at Worcestershire Advance x

Anonymous, UK, donated £100.00
Mr Rob Pearce, UK, donated £10.00

Jamie - an inspiring, hilarious, moving talk at the Cleeve School Achievement Awards last night. Thank you for the books, for which we didn't bring cash but we promised we'd donate it!

Mr Chris Button, UK, donated £20.00

Jamie , thank you for your inspiring talk to the young people at Cleeve School this evening , what a truly inspirational man you are . My daughter and I really enjoyed your speech , it's both emotional and funny! Hope you get looked after by more Momma Bears on your next fundraiser across America . Mel x

Mrs Mel Westwood, UK, donated £10.00

Good look my superhero second son! Wishing you a safe journey filled with positivity, generosity & stories to tell. Big hug Gail Glover xxx

Mrs Gail Glover, UK, donated £50.00
Miss Jennifer Henderson, UK, donated £40.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00

Come on Jamie. You is the daddy!

Mrs Ruth Oakey, UK, donated £30.00

Good luck Jamie!

Anonymous, donated £25.00

Thank you for trusting me, to walk away from pittville award ceremony, with your book. As promise I double my donation. Good luck with the amazing work you do x

Anonymous, UK

HI Jamie - I saw your presentation at RDO and you gave me your book. Good luck with your US run! Mad or what!! Jackie Kerslake

Mrs Jackie Kerslake, UK, donated £25.00

Having seen your fund raising efforts on Sky News recently Jamie (Adventureman) I want to wish you Good Luck in your future travels to raise funds in support of the children and their families. Keep on Trucking, Best wishes, Pauline Tombs x

Miss Pauline Tombs, UK, donated £20.00

Just finished reading your book Jamie and felt inspired to donate! We have also just donated to our local children's hospital charity here in Switzerland where we live. Thanks for everything you are doing and inspiring us to contribute more!

Anonymous, donated £100.00

Just saw you on SKY news and think what you're doing is a fantastic thing. Well done and thank you for helping those that arent as lucky as me and my daughters. May you travel with the wind at your back and a spring in your step knowing our thoughts are with you.

Mr Steve McQueenie, UK, donated £10.00
Mr Michael Thompson, UK, donated £50.00

I have just watched Jamie in sky news (11.10.17) his enthusiasm has inspired me to donate again after I had lost faith in how charities raise money. My son who is not 23 has Williams syndrome and had pioneering ( at the time) and successful heart surgery with pigs artery when he was 4 years old at GOS therefore I would like my tiny and insufficient donation to pass to this hospital which I am sure has suffered lately with donations due to the extremely upsetting case of little Charlie .

Anonymous, UK, donated £20.00
Anonymous, UK, donated £10.00

Let's get the wheels rolling on the fundraising chariot! Good luck Jamie, we'll be with you every step of the way...hopefully in the right direction!

Mr James Clay, UK, donated £10.00