How We Can Help

How We Work

We are a registered charity which helps families in need to raise funds for treatments, therapies and equipment that aren’t freely available to them through their traditional or local healthcare support system.

We operate in a similar way to a crowdfunding platform, but as a registered charity we are better equipped to take any financial support from friends, family and the local community – and benefit from associated Gift Aid, too.

What makes us unique is when we take a family under our wing (or rather our big red cape), we support them in every aspect of their fundraising campaign with our mentorship scheme. This will include empowering one or more of the family members to take on a physical challenge – something we have discovered is a powerful mechanism for fundraising, and offers a huge benefit to the family as a whole.

Why Use Superhero Foundation

  • Using a registered charity (as opposed to a crowdfunding platform) means more businesses, trusts and organisations will donate as they are often only able to give to registered charities.
  • The advice we offer is based on experience from many previous challenges and fundraising campaigns.
  • We have experts in fundraising, physical health, finance, marketing and PR available to work with you.
  • We assign every family to a mentor, who will guide you through the process. This personal help is what we really pride ourselves on.
  • Most donations made will be eligible for Gift Aid, adding 25% to their value (only possible through charitable status), which other crowdfunding sites can’t do.


Our Superhero Foundation Mentors are experienced fundraisers, who have previously been in a similar situation to you, they are now giving back to help you achieve your fundraising dream too.

You will be assigned a dedicated mentor, who will help you:

  • Develop and refine your personal story
  • Help setting up a fundraising page
  • Design a physical challenge that suits your needs
  • Offer advice on all aspects of fundraising
  • Share social media pearls of wisdom
  • Help secure media with the help of a professional PR team


What We Can Fund

We can pay for any treatment or therapy that is not available under the NHS or equivalent healthcare service in countries other than the UK.

This list details the treatment areas we can cover, and which are in line with our charitable objectives. It is by no means an exhaustive list, but will give you a good idea for starters:

  • Medical assessments for diagnosis
  • Surgery anywhere in the world to improve quality of life
  • Physiotherapy, speech therapy or hearing therapy. Other therapy will be considered, providing it fits with the supplied treatment plan
  • Travel costs related to your treatment plan.
  • Subsistence costs, currently up to £50 per night on production of receipts.
  • Equipment required to aid treatment and recovery (providing this equipment cannot be accessed locally & conveniently.)

An important note: We operate on honesty and clarity here at Superhero Foundation HQ, so please understand that although we have many superpowers, as a charity, we are bound by rules set by the Charity Commission. That means that any treatments we fund must be approved by Trustees in line with our charitable objectives.

How To Apply

If you’ve read through all of the above and think we could be the right fit for you and your family, fantastic! You can get in touch by phone on 01452 698765 or email on

You will have an initial chat with a mentor to gauge whether it sounds like we can help you on your fundraising mission, if so a meeting willbe arranged with your potential mentor, and your case will be presented to the Board of Trustees for sign off.  

If you still have further questions – take a look at our FAQs section below, or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



How long will it take for my application to be approved?

You will be able to speak to someone within the working day, and if appropriate a meet up with your potential mentor will be within 3 working days. Approval will be within 48 hours of your meeting.  

Why don’t you approve all applications?

We are a small charity with limited resources. This means that we only have the capacity to take on a few families at a time, but conversely it means that the families we do take on get our full attention.

Paying for treatment…

Do you pay for the agreed treatment directly, or will you reimburse?

Once the agreed treatment begins we work together to get everything paid for directly, and any expenses you are due reimbursed.

How do families keep track of how their raised funds are being spent?

With all donations directed into Superhero Foundation, every month we’ll send you an update which includes how much you have left to spend on your medical treatment(s) from all your fundraising efforts.

Can you pay for any treatments or therapies in advance of receiving funds?

The amount we pay out must already have been credited to Superhero Foundation bank account by your fundraising. We can only pay for any treatments or therapies in advance of receiving funds.